InterNACHI releases ALL NEW, free, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course today.

This all new course replaces our old Wind Mitigation Inspection course.

Take InterNACHI’s free, online How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections course now.

Thanks for another free course,they are appreciated. Will we get a certificate with this one? I will check it out after I am done doing inspections and give my review when I finish it.

Well I am now finished. In my opinion at least 90% of it is of no use for filling out the current form. If you do not know anything about proving some things there is some useful information in there. It seems to me to be right out of the MSFH manual with some new stuff added. It did not address any of the problems we have all been discussing in the Florida forum. Well I bet I am the first guy in the state to be certified on the new form.:roll:

congrats on your achievement mike, did you learn the anwser to #2 ?

Thanks. :mrgreen: Thats a Big Fat Nope. I am heading to wellington right now and they are sh-t out of luck. I’ll catch up when I return.

What is “#2?”

Predominant Roof Covering: **
[size=2]Permit Application Date: __________ or Date of Installation: _________[/size]
_________________ **
[size=3]A. [/size][size=2]At a minimum meets the 2001 Florida Building Code or the 1994 South Florida Building Code and has a Miami-Dade NOA or FBC 2001 Product Approval listing demonstrating compliance with ASTM D 3161 (enhanced for 110MPH) OR ASTM D 7158 (F, G or H), OR FBC TAS 100-95 and TAS 107-95[/size]**, **[FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=2]OR FMRC 4470 and/or 4471 (for metal roofs).
[/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=2]B. Does not meet the above minimum requirements.
[/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=2]C. Unknown or undetermined.

State farm and others are not accepting a anywhere in the state. not even in dade or broward.[/size][/FONT]

Spoke with Citizens today, they didnt realize # 2 according to underwriting dept. I also recieved invitation to bid on the 60 mil $ reinspection contract. I would like to propose to Nick, to emulate the software of current WCE industry and propose a bid composed of a pool of nachi affiliated inspection companies. I know there are several of us who handle a good deal of insurance business who aren’t quite equipped to bid against wce’s. Are you there Nick? Is this an obtainable goal-possibly already in the works? Im just fishing for an angle. Anyway, Nick if you see this, My company-Florida Insurance Inspections- has been in biz since 01’ done thousands of inspections and I know there are several other members with similiar situations, UZ for one. If Nick, or anyone else would like to possibly snake this contract, send me a message- and lets put in some work!

Yeah Nick me to i’am in. Dennis is able to handle what he says

From State Farm:
· Concrete and clay tile roof coverings do not meet the minimum requirements of the 2001 Florida Building Code or the1994 South Florida Building Code and do not receive the code compliant roof covering discount.

Answer I recieved from state farm when I questioned the issue:

[FONT=Times New Roman]Answer I received from State Farm Below.

Please read question 2 on the newly revised 4 page form. It states to receive roof covering meeting the compliance code, the roof covering must meet the 01 FBC or the SFBC and then meet one of the many listed roofing requirements. Those roofing requirements are for shingle and metal roof requirements only.


Citizens, despite being taxpayer funded, has not yet put out an RFP for this. When they do, InterNACHI will most definitely offer one for training approval.

Nick what is a RFP?

Like this:

Nick, I recieved an invitation to bid today. I am registered as a vendor, the pre-bid conference is may 6th. I have all the vendor requirements. Contact me if you want more info. I have more than enough scoop to get the ball rolling.

Nick, Could Nachi or a affiliated companies not bid on Inspection management services?

Dennis, give me a call as I have been trying to do the that exact thing, to compete with the WCE on the bids. I have done quite a few of these inspections in 5 years. I have passed the My Safe Florida coarse and test with a 98%, and been fighting with the state as to why they are using MSF inspectors when that program no longer exist. Give the right people a turn at making money. I am also a general contractor, which part of my hours needed are for wind mitigations.


Awesome! Thats what I like to hear. I will call you in a few, Im on the road right now runnin and gunnin. Anyone else interested? Other Nachi Members? The new form allows for employees, and as soon as licensing takes effect, Im sure HI’s will be certified to complete ws’s. In the now, wce’s are/will corner the insurance market(we will have to work for them) Will they be able to position themselves in a similiar fashion in the Home inspection market?

I am interested in teaming to bid on the Citizens reinspection RFP.

Send me an e-mail: I am also a GC and have the MSFH certification.


Put me down

Hay Dennis - My Chapter has a number of MSF certified and GC’s that can cover this area…but they’re not going to work for $45…00 a pop like they did for the WCE’s.not with the new requirements.
E-mail me and lets get together.