Great news! Florida approved InterNACHI's Wind Mit course this morning.

This morning, at a live meeting, the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board approved InterNACHI’s free, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course.

The Board vote to approve InterNACHI’s Wind Mitigation course was unanimous.

The Board denied approval of many other competing courses.

Many thanks to the Shishilla’s for their help.

Thank you nick

At a boy, John:D

I took a look, Looks Great. Congrats!!!

Hey there Manny. Will you be in Naples next week?

Hey Bert! What’s going on in Napels?

**=D>InterNACHI rocks!!! **
Keep up the good work Nick!!\:D/

Manny sorry just saw this thread again. The 2011 BOFA FHBA seminars. Naples will be the 14th (next Tuesday). They will be discussing changes pertaining to the FBC and going over techniques for Wind Mitigation Inspections.


I wanted to take my online exam, why was I redirected to this site ?

You got lost :slight_smile:

Great course and the state agrees too, thanks John.

I’ve taken the course now what do I do? Do I have to send this to somebody? Help me please!

Now you get rich just like everyone else :slight_smile:

What do you need help with?



pst, pst…over here…
It happened 5ish years ago :slight_smile:

You’re right Mikey, I overlooked, thought Nick gave a new update.
Sorry I don’t note, memorize and live 24/7 on the board.
I am way to too busy and then I have a life when I’m not working.
Oh, and I don’t advertise 40.oo WM’s on my website,
but then again I’m not a CMI either, HUH, go figure…

I was just busting your balls but I guess ya got it all figured out :slight_smile:

Some day I’ll fill ya’ll in when I quit.

Some already know, they just don’t share.

The silent are at least loyal.

S h i t

At least I had some qualifications before calling my self a professional. Beware, do not argue as I already checked you out and i’ll just make you look worse. :slight_smile:

From sales associate to inspector to hurricane mitigation construction pro. One hell of a jump congrats. Don’t forget to thank the gov for your right to make a living…

Yeah licensing huh. Just think without that little piece of paper you wouldn’t have nothing. wheeew.

You may crawl away ashamed now… I am finished with your nonsense. If you do I promise I’ll stop trust me I can go on an on and on much longer than you will wish to. Ya do know I always keep my word her, right…?

Just think all this just started cause ya ran your mouth.

I was just teasing a little and ya had to get all serious…Get some thick skin if ya wanna play round here :slight_smile: