InterNACHI publicly releases its 2014 990 tax returns.

We’re looking pretty healthy financially. Revenue is up 43% over last year to nearly 4 million.

Do we get dividends? :slight_smile:

Yes: :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though, InterNACHI is both non-profit and federally tax exempt and has never issued stock, so InterNACHI isn’t owned.

That would be because of a good economy and a strong RE market allowing all these new Home Inspectors to jump aboard.

Watch out though, an inspector mentioned in another thread that his goal is to put his competition out of business, which would in-turn, hurt your bottom line. :wink:

Congrats on your success Nick.

I don’t see the number of inspectors in our industry growing. We’re kind of a stable industry now.

Also, InterNACHI has grown every year right through the worst real estate collapse in U.S. history.

And also, nearly all our revenue comes from renewals (existing inspectors who are happy enough with InterNACHI to renew year after year).

The one thing InterNACHI is really, really good at… probably better than any trade association in any industry… is keeping a member once they join.

I thought you recently posted something to the effect that 60 new inspectors signed up with NACHI in a single day, seems like alot to me, but then again, I have no idea what your averages are.

Nope. 60 new members. Most were existing inspectors. Ben did an event and everywhere he goes, nearly every non-member joins. Many of them actually get angry when they discover this: They kind of feel their association has been ripping them off for years. Maybe their feelings are justified.

Then you should give Ben a raise. :smiley:

There was a particular mid-west association that were mostly members of a certain husband/wife run mini-association with no membership benefits. They probably shouldn’t have invited Ben up there. LOL

Not a smart move on their part, but good for their members.

Actually (and this is not blowing smoke up peoples backside) I think you guys are all underpaid for what you do and the amount of effort you put in and the benefits you give us.
Just my 2 cents …maybe it ought to be 4 cents.

Thanks for sharing. You mention renewals which can never be overstated. Membership is key to the health of any association. Keep up the great work!