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Thank you Linas!!! I love your support! Thank you!

Steve McNeese and his team at Onclarity are highly active affiliate supporters of NACHI North Texas and North Texas TAREI. Their presence is appreciated and will ROCK the industry. Maybe a door prize one day.

Numerous inspectors from both organizations have been surveyed and had input in the development of this NEW HANDS FREE reporting technology.

It is worth checking out if you would like to inspect room by room and on the run instead of having to carry devices around, other than inspection tools, and stop to input information.

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Barry, please take this up with Roy who doesn’t seem to know how to be professional.

She now is trying to drag some one else into her disagreements .
Poor Wendy she is just like a seagull she is the one who makes the most post’s that say nothing and when she is told about it on and On and on she goes .
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I think I’ll put both of you on my Ignore List…jeez, find something important to bitch about would you? Better yet, find something interesting to post about.

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No one dragged me anywhere. I came on my own accord and spoke my own mind, once before and will again.

THREAD HIJACKERS: your bickering is unprofessional and could be dealt with through PM (Private Messages) out of the public eye.

If you go back to the 8th post you might understand why I added what I did.

Once again this thread is about

Thanks Barry. I hope to see you and others on Tuesday for the North Texas NACHI meeting.


I’ll try to see you there after work.
Have a great week until then.

Entering the Home Inspection business three years ago and reviewing the software available on the market at that time it became clear a new approach was needed. I have been working with Onclarity for almost 2 years helping with the development of the new voice software, InterspectVoice. From entering your inspection through voice to the links into Quickbooks I can assure you there is nothing like InterspectVoice on the market. Not only will the software save you time but it brings the fun back into home inspection.

Thanks Rick. See you tomorrow night.

And who is going to put $1000.00 on serial # one??

Bill Gates did not start that high

We all have an investment in what we have that might not be payed off yet and to go to a new system bug free or not with a learning curve for the big $$ is a bad choice

So lets see what is next


There is no learning curve. The software is the most user friendly on the market. I know I have tried them all…

Use the software like any available on the marker today, simply entering your data, you are not required to use voice. It’s simply offered as a great tool. Oh, by the way you can downlard and use the full package free for 30 days. You make the choice if it’s the best ot not.

After looking at your package, I’d get it in a heartbeat. I like the photo editing right in the software. I recently spent $1k on Inspectvue and would almost turn to this software today.

But I’ll wait it out. But I’ll be back!!