Interspect Voice

Maybe Nick can get us a discount on this like he has for Porter Valley!!

Looks intersting. Is there a PDA option for onsite data entry? The demo I looked at looked like a laptop setup.

I will be interested in seeing the demo product when it comes out. I particualrly like the inclusion of the related business management and financial aspects of our business.

Interspect Voice has been released! 30-day trial available at

This software is amazing!!! I currently us HomeGauge, which I believe to be the best out there…until I saw this!

I am seriously considering switching, but like others want to wait a bit to see how this software is accepted.


Works with HomeGauge.

Interspect Voice does not just dictate your speech like Nuance and other speech recognition systems. The Voice Command and Dictation technologies are tightly integrated directly into the software providing complete control of the inspection process while walking around the house. We invite you to watch the streaming videos and download a full version of the product for evaluation.

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Being a multi-inspector firm, does the software set-up for multi use? Also, what is the pricing for multi-licensing?

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I worked with tech support to get this package to run correctly on my computer. It did for one application openning and then it just crashed and will not start. I am using a dual processor apple MacBook pro with Windows XP also running. i think the software has issues running with a dual-processor mac.(It is installed in the windows OS). So, there could be some bugs. I know more and more people will be using these dual processor wonders. I am going to start working with tech support on this one.:wink:


We will be adding an Enterprise module for firms with multiple inspectors. This will add centralized functionality for order taking, scheduling and reporting, etc. Expect to see this in January.


I saw on another thread that there will be a webinar on this product. Will anyone else be on it? I am interested in others feedback.

Has anyone had success in using the evaluation of Interspect Voice? I have had my share of errors. The people at Interspect Voice have been very helpful and quick in response. Iam looking for others who maybe has had a fairly successful run with the evaluation. I only have 4 days left and I have had enough issues that I have not had enough time to truely evaluate before deciding to purchase. I have found that it will not run on an INTEL based MAC with parallels Windows XP desktop. I did not try Bootcamp for Windows XP on the MAC because I had already lost too much time trying to get it to run on my new laptop. (MAC). So, what has anyones elses experiences with the software? Is it a Thumbs UP or a #-o


If you are still experiencing issues that have not been resolved, please give me a call directly. I will be happy to work through anything remaining. I know you lost some time trying to get things going on the MAC, so we can extend your trial if necessary. You can reach me at 1-800-975-3017 or 214-674-0592.

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I have had the most professional conversation with Steve and others in his support group. Although, my recent issue was mind boggling for me, they took my information and had a work-around in a matter of a half hour. These guys are amazing!:wink: An uncovered bug will be fixed in the next update to the software…in about 8 hours. Did you hear that??? Many software vendors take days, months, (Inspecta…), all year (did I say Micro…):roll: I really think that all inspectors should look at this software seriously. These guys will be with us in the long haul while we are using this sofisticated software. Give the evaluation a run for the money. Look at it this way, the more input we give them, the better the software will be for us.:smiley:

Just to put things into perspective. It is much easier to fix a problem in 8 hrs. when you do not have a current client base. When a software company builds to hundreds or thousands of clients you do not release a new version of the software in 8 hrs. You must do more testing of all the features and do beta testing in the market before you release the new version to your client base. Just my humble opinion.



I appreciate your input on our support. When any one of our customers, from a significantly large client base, reports a problem that affects the ability to use a feature, we fix, test and release the resolution as quickly as possible to minimize impact to other customers. Onclarity is a professional software company that has built and supported hundreds of applications for fortune 500 companies. Customer support is our top priority and that includes resolving issues and releasing enhancements to our software.


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Steve, get up here and do a demo on for us.


Absolutely! I will give you a call tomorrow to discuss.



If I only have until 1/10/07 for the introductory price I would like to here from more people that have used this system. Is there anyone else out in the field that has or is using this system? Please speak up, this inquiring mind wants to know. ASAP