Invisible Amana Compressor

Kinda wondering why exactly this is what was left on this 6 year old foreclosure I inspected yesterday. You guys gotta love it.:stuck_out_tongue:


I did a home yesterday, New build they replaced the package unit 4 times so far,People live on each side have never seen anyone ( makes you wonder). It is in a a bad part of town. These people are buying fallen down places putting in new ones trying to clean up the place.

And the BTU rating was?

This is a result of copper thieves. Aholes are stealing the copper off anything they can find to sell. They have been known to go down behind strip malls and stealing all the exposed copper on all the HVAC systems. Cut, grab and run. The fine and jail time for releasing the refrigerants into the atmosphere alone could end up putting them in jail for life as each offense is horrendous.

High efficiency???

Wait i bet it is one of those green Units