Another AC unit stolen

My morning inspection had the AC unit stolen. Glad that the temps here in AZ dropped to the 90’s today. Has anyone else been seeing large amounts of AC units stolen, dismantled for copper, aluminum etc? Here in Phx it has become quite common again. Such a shame, this one was a HUD home, so buyer has to foot the bill for a new unit.

Mary Ann is that on a lower roof? as I notice the apparent boarded up windows in the background.

I am seeing more and more AC units removed from HUD homes recently. It is pretty sad.



No Bob… they call that gravel “Lawn” out there, and those are the yard gates! :mrgreen:

what Jeffrey said

No AC units, but raiding abandoned or vacant properties and cutting out all the copper plumbing.

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In Atlanta I see this a lot. One of our growth industries here are A/C cages.
AC Cage.jpg

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I saw one home almost completed. They took all the wiring from under the home, all the cabinets, marble counter tops (except one which must of been too big/heavy to carry, sinks & fixtures, the interior and exterior HVAC Units, water heater.

Back when the housing boom was in full swing they had some problems with stolen appliances, as the contractor finished the homes they would install the appliances and move down the street to the next home, behind them would come a white utility van and load up the appliances right in the middle of the day with work going on just down the street. No one asked any question white van looks normal.

Yes… AC unit theft seems to be showing up again. Seems like it was rampant in 2008/9 and went away for awhile.

Recently, we have shown up to an inspection to a home that had and AC Condensing unit when the offer was made, now it’s gone!

A few years back, one was stolen a few days after the inspection… the bank said it was never there.

I emailed a pic to the buyer :smiley:

I’m seeing it more and more lately also. I think someone mentioned the other day copper was at or near $4.00 a lb. A lot of the flipped homes I run into are usually minus the a/c units until the day before closing.


“Welcome to AZ”!

And you expected what?

And Fla is the next port of entry.

Just get used to it…

Money in your pocket. Or is it “Out of pocket”?

There are AC cages and then there are AC cages :shock:


I see a lot of AC cages here in AZ, but never seen one like this before, I love it! I can’t see someone messing with this one unless they come with fence pliers and some heavy duty gloves.:mrgreen:

We have had that same issue with some of our customers in Tulsa, OK. Sad :frowning:

I believe I could get through that in less than five minutes with tin snips and a bolt cutter… :innocent:

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Yes, but I’d bet you would leave some of your DNA there. :rofl:

:astonished: :thinking: How do you service it? I would never expect to see this in USA. Yes, I’m shocked unless it’s photoshopped.

Man, is that a liability waiting to happen! :flushed:

It has got to be some sort of a joke (I hope) :smiley: