iOS vs android for companion?

I’m am looking to get a new phone. Currently I have an iPhone 6, seems to run the HG companion app fine, some glitches. Does anyone have any info if the android version of companion is less buggy or about equal?


The Android is solid and a update is coming out soon that will be a few improvements over the ios version based on different developers we have that work on the HGC.

The current ios version is not as good as the Android. I am looking at an update for it right now that is not so much features as fixing some elusive glitches. I hope to release it soon.

Thanks for the info, I’ve been considering the google pixel phone. By the way you and your team have some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you Wes!


I run HG with a mac and am about to purchase something like an Ipad Mini as a companion. Do you have another suggestion that would be compatible with my mac? I just read above where Android is preferred.

The Pixel is the best phone out there.

I got the Pixel XL 128 the other day and it is great. The Samsung 7 Edge seemed to have less glitches(screen getting blurry), but I have only been using it a few days.

The android is a bit ahead of the ipad ios version and more stable as we developed it in house and continue to keep the ios in beta currently. If you went with an android device you could buy a refurbished phone and not include a data plan on it.

Or get the phone recommended above.

selling Note 7 Edge if you are interested.

John, what did you end up running with, the Pixel?

Definitely, it is the android.