Iowa Dept of Health accepts InterNACHI's radon course for radon tester certification

The Iowa Department of Public Health has requirements to become a Certified Radon Tester, including the completion of a radon measurement training course approved by NRPP and AARST. Visit the Iowa website for details.

InterNACHI’s free, online “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provide Course” is NRPP- and AARST-approved.


That is great news

Do you know if one still has to belong to NRPP or AARST to get the Iowa Certificate.

I think you have to have proof of passing an approved course (InterNACHI’s), but their exam. But you’d better contact your state. Follow that radon link we have at

Ben, how about going after Minnesota next. They typically mirror Iowa in these respects.

Working on it… Give me about 10 minutes, and I’ll have an update webpage just for MN.

Awesome! Thanks!!

Here you go:
That college course is $450. InterNACHI’s is online and free for members.

Exactly why I made the request. I passed the IAC2 course many years ago, and will take the updated course, but since MN wouldn’t accept it, what was the point except for my personal satisfaction. Saving that $450 certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings any either. Thanks again!

Jeffrey Jonas writes

I love when just one of our membership benefits, just one, pays the dues for our members. Thanks Ben!

And you have a lot (for rural America) of members in Minnesota that will benefit from this!

Great news, Thanks for your work on this issue.