IPS pipe and SDR-11 tubing

I have come across Polybutylene a few times now. This type of plumbing I found today and have seen in other manufactured homes looks very similar but is there any concern with it like there is with PB?

This was a 1992 manufactured home. PEX and CPVC had been added in some areas making me wonder if this stuff has had the same leakage concerns.

Next time you see an odd material grab the ASTM #.
That pipe is ASTM D3309, and is polybutylene.


Hey Dom thank you for that great info. I am just finishing the report and you saved my butt. I did not know to look for the ASTM#. I owe you a beer or lunch.

Yep AND I think you were right on the money as the sharkbite type fitting to pex spells repair to me.

Or somebody replaced the water heater;-)

More info on that piping.

thanks Marcel, good thread

PB for sure