IR camera and other gear for sale!

Hey folks, I have been working at a new job for the last while that was offered to me last year and things are going real well ( great oppurtunity). But due to the nature of the job I can’t keep doing it and the HI business part-time, so it looks like I am going to shut it down soon and have some excellent equipment for sale.

Fluke TIR Thermal Imager a year and a half old asking $3250.00
Protimeter Surveymaster same age asking $250.00
Extech pinless moisture meter $70.00
Mould Air sampling kit $100.00
Boroscope $100.00
16 foot telescoping ladder $100.00
16 foot articulating ladder $100.00

Keep in mind I can only ship the Thermal Imaging camera within Canada, and I will deliver any items myself to anyone within a reasonable distance of Hamilton, Ontario. I can be contacted by e-mail at and leave your contact info. Good oppurtunity for someone newer to get good equipment at a good price.

Hi Jerry
Protimeter Surveymaster is this the dual mode moisture meter. Pins and pinless ?


Good luck

Hey Jerry !

 Would you mind giving me the various models, and numbers of the Fluke, and other goodies, so I can check them out online? ...........Thanks , Harold.

So far everything has been spoken for except the mould kit and the 2 ladders. I will let you know if things change.

Thanks Bob, it was a fun business and everybody at NACHI has been excellent. I believe I have some friendships that will still carry on.

Jerry… good luck to you. Since your membership doesn’t expire until October, make sure you drop back in every now and then and say “Hey” !!!

PS… place your web domain up for sale in the Nachi classifieds. A Nachi inspector may wish to purchase it.