Inspector's Equipment and Tools For Sale

I’m retiring from doing home inspections and selling all my equipment and tools. I have the following items:

FLIR B-CAM Infrared Camera with case $3000
Pro 3-series radon gas detector $90
GE Protimeter Moisture Detector $200
Infrared Therometer Mannix Model 1RT4 $95
TIF-8800 Combustible Gas Detector $100
Bacharach Fyrite Tech Analzer $300
Mold Sampling Kit (pump, tripod, hoses, sampling supplies and caring case $275

All the equipment is in excellent condition, if some one is interested in a package deal and wants it all I will give take 10% off, include shipping, and include the small hand tools and electrical/water pressure testers and carrying bag.

Damn…$475 for a protimeter moisture meter? Hell I will sell them for that all day! Its more than new!

I certainly hope you did not use and charge for a radon test using the pro 3 unit. It does not comply with any EPA protocols


I am just starting up my home inspection business and needs lots of equiptment would you except $3500 for all of it?


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I have the money ready.:smiley:

If you’re just starting out, the only thing on that list you would need is the Moisture Detector and perhaps the
Infrared Thermometer. Spend your money on other things like basic tools.

I agree.

Thanks for your advice, but i have all the main tools i need, i have taken my inspectors course, i’ve shadowed a master home inspector on over 30 inspections, i’m doing my Level one Thermal Imaging in February, so surley getting this equipment now will only help me in the future?

I do not think you can bring a IR camera across the Border.


The IR camera can be shipped across the Boarder. Thats how I purchased mine.

Hi Guys

would you say the Flir B-Cam advertised is a good camera and a good price? all advice is good advice!!!

Go to the website and see the pictures on the landing page.

Bob, Do you mean on the Flir Website?

Bob, you are the man of many websites!! lol

I think you broke a USA law Canada does not mind But the Home Guard or what ever they call them ,from the posts here say it is not allowed .

No, I mean Donnie has samples of his IR work on his website.
And yes I have a few.

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Do you have a link to that? I would like to check that out.

YOu better make sure if your buying a used camera that it is up to current calibrations. Flir will charge to do this, so I personally would not want to buy a used camera, then pay for calibration and updates, just to save 500 bucks. No thanks think I will just get a new one instead.

I wouldn’t buy a used camera, even if calibrated yesterday, just to save $500.

do you still have the tools available if so email me at I am looking for radon,gas,and air pump and sampler.
Thanke bri Inspections