IR Camera

I do not have an IR camera, yet. But I believe they can be very usefull.

We had our bathroom remodeled recently, and last week there was a leak.
I got a call from my wife and she told me the painters called and said there was water comming out of an outlet and I needed to go home and find out what was wrong.

Sure enough when I get home water is trickling out of a light switch. I take the cover off and water is comming out of the romex to one switch. There are no water pipes in this area so I thought it was a roof leak.
I call my pal with an IR camera (Dan Harris) to come over and scan it for me. Well the camera could see the water comming out of the romex and the water pooling behind the wall. But it did not show any water above the switch box, or the origination of the leak. I am thinking what good is the camera then?

We narrowed it down to the second story AC condenser line, but could not id the source of the leak. Turn off ac no leak.
Dale came over sunday to help me cut open the wall. We went outside first and punched a hole in the stucco because that is where the condensate line had to be. NO CONDENSATE line at the stucco hole.
We go into the bathroom and pull the switch box out and guess what?
Friggin unbelievable, right where the IR camera showed the water.

First picture condensate line at grade and above repaired hole electrician ran cable through, it had to be here, he must have hit it with his drill.

Second picture, he hit the line with his box, nitwit.

Oh yea flexible hose a clamp repair.

You need to go buy an IR camera. :slight_smile:

I could not believe it John, there was no way the condensate line was there, and there was no way that is where the water was comming from.
I believe a camera will be my next purchase early next year if things pick up a bit.

Good plug for the camera and a good plug for your friends even more so.


Better not wait the last one out turns off the lights. Just squeeze that old buffalo a little harder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Way to go.
After you get an IR camera, you feel blind without it.:mrgreen:

Who is gonna patch the stucco?



:mrgreen: :wink: