Yet another IR market

I have posted things like this here before, but I have a little story.

A co-worker of my wife has slab water heating. They have a leak in one of the loops. She called here plumber who have worked for them many times before.

He can’t find the leak and recommends some guy with “sonic scanning” to come in and find it. He comes and says he can’t because the pipes are copper and not plastic (I am not familiar with this, so I won’t comment).

Then the plumber recommend a guy who does thermal imaging. He will charge $700.00, minimum. This woman talks to my wife and calls me.

I go out there. For some reason, the plumber is not pleased with me (maybe he has a kickback dea with this other guy?). In any case, I find the leak in about 15 minutes. I do not charge my wife’s friend (Christian School, where they work. Tell her to put any money she believes she owes me into the collection plate at Church :smiley: ). The plumber asks me how much I would charge. I tell him $175.00 per hour, but is rarely takes more than an hour, so I do a one hour minimum.

He get’s all excited and tells me he wil be sending me a LOT of work. Could I work as a sub contractor to him (he would bill the client and pay me).

I tell him that I only work for the client. He still tells me that he will refer me.

Seems like he has been charging a rather large “finder’s fee” to have this done.

In any case, I get more work.

Hope this helps;

When people find out you have an IR camera… they find you.
Congrats Will.

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