IR Test Wall

Anyone ever make a test wall to show consumers how IR can work for them in their home? Like a small wall section to show at a trades show?

To show moisture, infiltration, a lost cat? What are you imagining?

Yes I have attended trade show and used my lap top with slide show of images projected on a overhead screen. It scared the general public they had no idea what they were observing. I had to physically get in front of people like a used car salesman to get them to stop and talk???:roll:



Try hooking your camera up to a large panel TV and running a live feed from the camera to it. You will be pleasantly surprised how many people stop and talk, it is a great ice breaker.

Running a bunch of thermal scans done in the past will only yield other IR guys or people that know the technology. You are trying to drive business via people that are not familiar with the tech and how it can benefit them. Keep it simple for the initial “opening” (the live TV feed) and then also keep it simple when talking to them. If they walk away not understanding what you just talked about the odds of turning that in to a conversion is pretty slim.

If you have the luxury of having two cameras then build your display and use the second camera on that. You can use your primary camera, but remember that your ice breaker is now not pointing on the passing crowd. We use to have a small (and I mean small) wall cavity demo. We had Fiberglass 1/2 up one cavity and none in the other. Just use a simply heat source in the back like a flood light. Also, keep a bottle of water handy at all times. Throw some on the floor and show them how it shows up in the camera. You can then go a little further at that point with your computer slide show images that you have taken on past jobs. Explain why you were contacted by the original client, then walk them through (simple terms only) how you did the job. Finally, tell them the end result benefit to the original client. Keep this stuff short, you only have so many opportunities throughout the day and good booths/shows are not cheap…however they can be very profitable.

Another easy display to build is a small breaker panel. Just go buy a small panel from Home Depot and some breakers. Put it all together and wire up as much as you want. It will obviously not be live. I then used a very flat thing I got from Petsmart, that is used for lizard habitats, and put that in between two of the breakers for a heat source. I am sure there are other ways to do the heat source, but I just happened to have that laying around.

If you need any other help on the marketing aspect of the business I am glad to help, just drop me a line.

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I’ve seen a wall built with insulation missing. They had a light bulb behind it as a heat source. I’ve taken the camera places and just looked at the building I’m in.