Home Show Display for IR

I am building a wall to show off Thermal Imaging at a home show next weekend.
I need some ideas. The wall will be 4’X4’ and built conventionally. Thought I would put a header in at the top. Insulate one section with a small amount missing, have water dripping down in a second section and nothing in the third section. I don’t want to put electrical in the wall but will have a 250 watt halogen behind it for heat.
Any other ideas that I could use?

put your company name inside the wall with foil…

Awesome Idea. Consider that stolen. Got any more??:mrgreen::mrgreen:

How about a small soffit built out at the top with a trap above it. Put some cold water in the pipe and a small puddle nearby and show how IR can find the leak, the location of the pipe and the difference between the thermal signatures.

You should have a mirror on there somewhere for people to see themselves.

You could also put a receptacle in place, connect a flex duct to the back of the wall around it, connect the other end to a small fan and presto! Air infiltration. :slight_smile:

Great ideas Cameron. Keep them coming

Handwarmer in a receptacle box. Simulate overheating.

Looks like your 4 x 4 just grew to 4 x 8! :slight_smile:

I can likely get all of the ideas into a 4X4. Just have to be creative

Greg not sure how much back end staff you might have, but you could use the camera to take a ‘thermal image photograph’ of interested folks/couples/families and have them put their name and email address and opt-in to your email blast marketing. You would then email them the photograph with a scripted email at some point after the show. Its alot of work on the back end but gives you actual follow up and tangible email addresses to market to long after the show is over. These shows don’t generally generate a ton of clients but if you do this, I’m sure people will know people who are buying and might recommend you, etc. John Ritter of Insight did this with his BNI group and I have used it at realtor trade shows with success (giving credit where it’s due, not my idea so much).

I am the front and back end staff. I am not sure if I would have enough time for that but it does sound interesting to say the least. It wouldn’t be a ton of work so I will keep it in mind.
I am doing the home show for branding more then anything else. If I book an inspection it would be a bonus but not going to hold my breath.

How are you displaying the IR feed to the attendees? Live video link on a big flat screen would be cool.

That is exactly how I’m doing it. 40 inch plasma to be exact

Hey Greg,
You’ll have to bring it to the next chapter meeting.

great ideas.

I am more than likely behind the learning curve on these shows but I use to use my lap top into a overhead projector to a large screen with a complete string of my own images that I had taken over the years. I had a pail of water on hand with a stack of dry towels and would flick a little water onto the towel and then demo with a live camera

That is what I do at the home to show the clients.
Please explain about you market Charley.
The laptop and projector maybe swapped for a LCD widescreen TV and cable to you tablet would achieve the same results.
Don.t get me wrong that was great thinking.

Could you condense it into a 5 - 10 steps?
any of the posts.
I was to come out of the box marketing with a WordPress Site and number one on Google but I think many here have been duped by the same line.
Mine to the tune of $6,000 in 4 months. It am going head first after them.

How would on start.
Thanks in advance.

After you show them the thermal anomalies you have created, go to the section of the wall where there is very little temperature differences (plain wall). Show the camera looking at the wall with very little or no thermal patterns.

Then, walk over and place your hand on the wall for about 2-3 seconds. Step back and re-scan the wall. Ask them, “now what do you see?” This little exercise impresses the heck out of clients and Realtors. I do it at the beginning of every inspection. It will show them the thermal sensitivity of the camera and offer the “wow” factor.

I do the same thing at every inspection. If they have children I get them to do it. I am limited on space (10x10) so I bought a cheap tripod and fit my camera to it. It will point at the wall but I should be able to do just that without moving it