Iran in the news this time it's real

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July 9th, 2008
Iran test-fires missiles
Posted: 10:24 AM ET
(CNN) — Iran test-fired a long-range missile on Wednesday in response to what it says are threats from Israel and the United States, Iranian officials said.
The forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps test-fired a Shahab-3 missile and several other missiles during war games in the Persian Gulf called the Great Prophet III, according to Iran’s state-run media and a U.S. military source.
“We want to tell the world that those who conduct their foreign policy by using the language of threat against Iran have to know that our finger is always on the trigger and we have hundreds and even thousands of missiles ready to be fired against predetermined targets,” Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of the Revolutionary Guard ground forces, said on state TV. “We will chase the enemies on the ground and in the sky and we are able react strongly to enemy’s threats in shortest possible time.”


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We have a sitting president who thinks he was hand-picked by God and believes he in living in the end times… If the thought of that scenario doesn’t scare the livin’ sh!t out of you then nothing will. Let’s hope we can force a regime change right here in the good old USA before the SHTF.

Thank you Joe for your enlightening take on the news.:sarcasm:

I guess we should spend absolutely zero time concerning ourselves with rogue nations controlled by real theocracies and a president(Ahmadinejad) who anxiously awaits the revealing of the Hidden Imam

*The Hidden Imam, however, will eventually leave his Greater Occultation and appear (zuhur ) to the world of humanity. **This return is the most significant event in the future for the Shi’ite faithful **and has thunderous eschatological consequences. **This return will occur shortly before the Final Judgement **and the end of history. *Imam Mahdi will return at the head of the forces of righteousness and do battle with the forces of evil in one, final, apocalyptic battle. When evil has been defeated once and for all, the Imam Mahdi will rule the world for several years under a perfect government and bring about a perfect spirituality among the peoples of the world. After the Imam Mahdi has reigned for several years, Jesus Christ will return

Ahmadinejad Awaits the Hidden Imam

Nope, nothing to concern ourselves with the current leadership of Iran. Nope, nothing at all.:roll::shock::roll:

Hmmmm, I wonder if we should care what this guy says.

Napolean 5’2"

Hitler 5’7"

Attila 4’6"

Stalin 5’4"

Khrushchev 5’3"

Ahmadinejad 5’0"

coming soon to a theater near you
Thanks Micheal now i’ll carry an extra roll of TP in the car just in case

Little people always seem to have “personal problems”.

Take it from me :mrgreen:

He is not just waiting for the Imam to ascend from the Abyss, he said he is the one appointed Allah to make it happen, he has every intention of starting the Final Conflict. But this really excites Joe, because he hates God, Jews and Christians so much. Haven’t you guys figured Joe out yet, he calls good evil and evil good, he sees everything backwards. He will be one of the first to follow the Imam,(Anti-Christ).

Tall people can too, they seem to look down on others, in more ways than one. :roll:

Come on Joe,… Its not about the US. Oh, we’ll help, but Israel can AND will take out real threats to their country without the US getting directly involved.

Remember their top secret raid (bomb run) on Iraq back in the early 80’s. If it wasn’t for Israel fighter jets (American made baby) destroying the construction of an Iraqi nuclear reactor, predicted, Iraq (Saddam Hussein) would have had an atomic bomb by the early 90’s… That scared the crap out of Isreal… sometimes you have to take action BEFORE the worst hits. Some see this as unprovoked action, but when you have wacko’s in power and your so close for a potential strike, why would you let a nuclear war START before any retaliation. The Israel attack even protected Iran (how ironic is that) Iraq & Iran have had a long hatred for eachother, and that proves Israel isnt a threat to Iran, only if they need to defend themselves will they take action. Someone threatens you Israel, I say hit first, hit hard.:mrgreen:

Here is the History Channel full story: Top Secret

My money is on Israel! We share all our cool toys! :smiley:

How tall is Joe B…?

I wouldn’t know about that, but I guess it’s possible. :wink:

As a Jew, and one who has been to Israel a number of times (and to Saudi Arabia, twice, working on a project for the Saudi Govt., but I didn’t advertise the Jewish thing) and who knows people who actually live there (and a number of which are still in the IDF).

Here is my take:

  1. Israel smashed the reactor in Syria (being built with Iranian money and using N. Korean uranium and advisors) and the Syrian Govt did not even know what was going on until it was over.

  2. Israel, recently, finished military training over the Mediteranian in a pattern that just about matched the distances and directions needed to smash Iran.

  3. Israel has recently installed what is, most probably, the best anti-missile and anti-aircraft (and mortar counter-battery fire) system all along all its borders.

Also remember that there are some 6,000 missles (and who knows if Iran, or some one else, has installed nuke wareheads on them) aimed at Israel from the North (Lebanon). 2 years ago, they fired about 3,000 at Israel, remember.

Also, remember, that there has been an AVERAGE of 6 missile or mortar attacks, EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS from Gaza.

  1. Israel, can, AT BEST only take one small sized nuclear hit. Two hits, in the standard 120 to 180 Kt range would completly destroy the entire country. Remember, Israel isn’t all that big.

  2. Given # 4, Israel HAS to strike first, OR it has to rely, TOTALLY on it’s anti-missile and counter-battery system. What would any sane and rational country do, especially when faced by a non-sane and completely irrational country whose leaders have consistantly said, in public, that

A) They don’t care if they or their people die.
B) They do care that Israel, all its people and all Jews, everywhere, be completely eliminated and that, only then, will their religious dreams come true.

  1. Whenever, historically, Israel has tried to defend itself, the EU nations, Russia and China (and pretty much any country that gets its oild from the middle east) has condemned and blamed Israel for “starting trouble”.

What would you do?

They also called those photos of the missle launches doctored and in international intrigue (which is a negotiation tool if a country [Iran] can influence public opinion in their target country ) much of what a country barters with is global or trageted perception. Photos of launching missles alone don’t mean much.
Pyongyang has used this tactic very successfully against the Western Alliance.

I only hope that Israel has learned enough that they will not rely on anyone else for their existence or well being, not even us. As Will said, they cannot afford to wait for the first strike, then retaliate. Israel has what they refer to as the Samson option, if it looks like they are going to be overrun, they will automatically launch all of their Nuclear weapons,( which they deny having) on every major Muslim city in the Middle East, they may go down, but they will not be by themselves. Benjamin Netanyahu said this on an interview I saw. Iran is trying to make this happen. He can count on it, if he does his part, Israel will do theirs!

Ken, what you understand and posted is based upon misconception and you reading some speculation from anti-semite sources.

  1. The U.S. supports Israel and Israel supports the U.S. This has been the history of the two nations since 1948, with the exception of the Eisenhower Administration. The reason is that both countries are democracies, support freedom, support capitalism and have great people ties.

  2. The so-called “Sampson” option is silly. While such a plan was looked at (and heavily rejected) during the middle of the 5 day war (against Syria) it is no longer an option, especially if the other side has nukes. Using Nukes in such a small area is like using flamethrowers in the small, confined space of a grain elevator. Kinda stupid. Besides, that option means that they want to take every one down with them, which is absurd, if you know anything about Jews. It is more the projections of anti-semite beliefs about Jews than the Jews thinking.

  3. Bebe Netanyahu, if you recall, lost a vote of confidence and left the Prime Minster ship after that statement. His statement was one of the reasons why. It is not accurate to project American ways of political thought and political process to another country. Their politics doesn’t work that way.

  4. Iran can, with very little effort, block up the Straits of Hormuz and trun off the spigot of oil to most of the world. The U.S. gets only 13% of its oil from the Middle East, but the Chinese and Indians, as well as the Japanese, would be hard hit. Also, since oil prices are set globally, decreasing the supply will have an effect on other countries prices, including ours. Because of this, no other country wants to risk a confruntation with Iran.

Hope this helps;

No, you are wrong, what I said is not based on preconceptions, even the U.S. refused the jews safe harbor, when Hitler let a shipful go, they were held right off the coast in Miami, refused Asylum, and sent back to Europe. I saw the interview with Netanyahu on a Christian show, not anti-semitic, and since he was the leader of Israel at one time, his words mean more to me than your opinions or reasoning. It may seem silly to you, but what would Israel have to lose, by making their enemies pay the ultimate price for their aggression. So if there is any speculation here, it is yours, I know what I saw and heard.

You are wrong on this one.

If you say so, Ken.

But consider:

  1. Some (gentile) Christian denominations believe in replacment theology, i.e., that the (Gentile) “church” has replaced Israel as the recipiant of the 4 one sided and irrevocable covenants G-d made with Israel. In this way, they are andi-semetic. Scripture says that those who bless the Jews will be blessed and that those who curse the Jews will be cursed.

  2. I have, many times, visited Israel and have been to Gaza and the west bank. I did so as a private person and lived with people who live there, not as a tourist. It also helps if you can speak the language (My Hebrew is not great, but passable). In this way, you get to look at the country and the people, first hand, and hot have to rely on 2nd or 3rd hand reports, filtered through cultural barriers.

  3. It would be aborant to Jewish thinking to, in a final pique of selfishness, take out everyone if they know that they are going out. What do they have to lose? “Adon alom”, that is, “The world to come”. Anyone who would do so would be the greatest villian, to Jews, since Hitler.

I believe that we can both agree that Iran is a grave threat and that something has to be done. So far, it seems that all the rest of the world does not want to rock the boat. This is typcail, historically. Europe has been castrated for a ong time. Russia is looking out for its own interests, has more than enough oil for itself and wants to muck things up for the U.S. China pretty much likewise, except that they don’t have a lot of oil.

So, that leaves the U.S. to stand up and be the world’s policeman. It also means that Israel, who faces the bigest threat from Iran and its toadys in Lebanon and Gaza, to stand up.

I personally believe that, just as it has many times in the past, Israel will surprise everyone. I also believe that G-d will have a hand in it, as he has for the last 5,000 years.

But, then, this is just my opinion.

I know all about the replacement theologies out there, and I don’t agree with them, so I do not listen to them, I speak of that which I saw and heard with my own senses. No doubt about God having his hand in it, I know he will. But I also know that the nations of the earth, will play their parts in the story, just like he said they will.

Careful about reading the newspapers into scripture, and I am not saying that you, necessarily, are.

Remember, prophecy is not known to be fulfilled until it already has been.

There is also the basic prophetic axiom of “already, but not yet”.

Hope this helps;