Irate Realtor

Just had a call from a realtor that I have known for many years, and always thought that he was an upstanding guy. He proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t very happy with me since 3 of the 4 homes I have inspected for him have been backed out of. These homes all had some major issues,but most observations were handyman type issues so those were no biggie.I have been performing WDO inspections for more than 20 yrs. ,but am new to the Home inspection industry.My question to you guys is, do you get jumped on often for doing a thorough job?

I don’t never get jumped on… They wouldn’t dare.
Even if they did I wouldn’t give a rats a*ss.

Lol thanks!

Do not be concerned he might just be having a slow time and needs some one to blame .
You are correct in reporting what you see .Keep up the good work .

Just stand your ground and keep doing good work.

I just say: Tell me what is incorrect in my report? … They can’t answer that question with facts, just that they are angry they have to do more work to sell a house.

What Roy and David said… ^^^^^^^^^^^

If you want a real opinion post a copy of your report.


Never. I do get the occasional builder who pitches a fit, but not often.

I can’t remember ever having a commissioned sales person get mad OR tell me I did a bad job, They’re usually very happy we found the issues and informed their clients about them so they can get renegotiated OR the sales price lowered OR sometimes the buyer walks away AND the agent gets to develop a deeper bond by finding them a better house…

You are there for the client! Write it the way it’s meant to be written. Realtors come - realtors go.

Tell him, “You’re welcome. If it had not been for me, your clients might have held you responsible for allowing them to purchase a home with significant defects. I would be happy to discuss my findings on any or all of those inspections with you. This way you could learn some of the tell-tale signs of problem properties and save your clients from the wasting time and money on properties with significant defects.”

I’ve rarely had a buyers agent mad at me. Listing agents get mad all the time.

Usually it is not what you report, but how you report it that ticks off agents.

I ask them if there is anything in the report that is not true. I also tell them I don’t kill deals, the house does.

That works if the REA is representing the buyer. If however the REA is representing the seller, they may not be happy. Finally, if they are burning the candle from both ends (or double dipping) then they will not care.

Rodney …

After the 1st 10 yrs the sellers agent quit having any part in what I do.

After the 2nd 10 yrs the buyers agent quit having any part in what I do.

Now during the last 15 yrs I do this for ME … If I’m satisfied / My buyer is protected and the world is pretty