IRC vs IBC clearance

Hey all. I know we’re not code inspectors, I’m just curious about something…

I noticed that the IBC 2304.12.1.5 contains the code on clearance for wood siding from the ground.

However, in the IRC I cannot find any code relating to wood siding and clearance under the wood siding section R703.5.3 doesn’t mention it that I can find.

I’m not asking for any reason other than curiosity …Are you aware of this or is there an area it is included in the IRC that I can’t find?

Pick your state Dustin:


The number you want is in the manufacturers installation instructions.


Check R317.1.5, from there it’s up to the manufacturer of specific siding (for warranty purpose).

R404.1.6 Height above finished grade. Concrete and
masonry foundation walls shall extend above the finished
grade adjacent to the foundation at all points not less than
4 inches (102 mm) where masonry veneer is used and not
less than 6 inches (152 mm) elsewhere.


Hardy board says 8 inches, 2 inches from hard surfaces (deck or roofline). I would of said 6 off the top of my head but 8 sounds good.

Thanks guys

Look for the issues related to the reason there are codes about this; report that. Because there might become an issue at some point, is not covered in HI SOP, and specifically addresses “predicting the future”.

At most, your report would recommend further observation for the potential issue, and do nothing to make the situation worse (ie. piling garden mulch against/near the siding that accumulates over the years).

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