Irregular wiring

Okay, here’s a question: I had a sub panel that was wired from the main panel with a 70 Amp breaker. The sub panel had a 100 Amp breaker in the panel. The aluminum wire was 2 AWG.

#2 al XHHW is rated for 90 amps at 75° C. The 100 amp breaker is merely being used as a disconnect.

So I guess it’s fine the way it is? I don’t normally see a main breaker on a sub panel.

Also, there was no neutral conductor on the green 220 breakers on the left bus bar. I don’t know how they were using that plug.

Could be for a 240 volt compressor no neutral needed or water heater or other 240 volt piece of equipment.

What type of compressor do you mean? They had turned their garage into a pottery and arts studio. This plug was being used for the kiln.

Same thing no neutral required for most kilns are 240 volts

Okay, thanks.