This subpanel serves two 240v branch circuits, one a 4 prong 240v receptacle and one an air compressor. The neutrals for both circuits are cut off at the bottom of the panel. (I know there is 10 gauge wire on the 40 amp breaker). Doesn’t seem right to me. How about you?

The sub panel is wired with regular wire. Needs 4 conductors Black and Red - hot. White - neutral. Bare/ green- ground. That is all wrong.

If the panel,is straight 240 a neutral is not needed.

The #10 on a 40 amp breaker is probably fine for the air compressor. Motor circuits are sized differently to allow the high motor inrush without tripping the breaker.

Good call , 240 volt only - panel does Not need neutral. My error on my previous post. Thank you for clarifying that for the OP.

I agree.

The egc’s still need to be bonded to the enclosure.

Can’t see a bond screw or strap.

The white should have been re identifI’d as a hot.

Thanks everyone. I think I get it.:shock:

How can you connect a “4 prong” receptacle with 3 wires?