Is a mast head really necessary?

“I was just thinking… then it hit me- save money by not installing a freaking mast, weatherhead, metercan- none of that useless crap! Then I went right out and dropped all that useless insurance too.”


:lol: …looks like you had a hell of a day!

Good catch. REALLY good catch.

How the heck did they connect to the pole?

What about the local electrical utility?

So much for local codes and standards.

Where were you inspecting - never never land?

LOL welcome to the south, We don’t need stinking codes

Hope you don’t get an ice build up around that, I was going to say head but now headless mast. Your wires will short to the connector, no duct seal will prevent that from happening. :wink:

Do you even get snow and ice where you are?

PS: The head is needed to isolate the wires, provide shielding from rain and strain on the conductors if the lines pull from the pole like when a tree falls on them. Not a good idea.