Is AC required

Looking for a Texas answer but other areas will help. Is air conditioning a code requirement for new single family construction? I realize it might be a local ordninace. I know IRC requires heating but cannot find where cooling is required.

I certainly point it out if central HVAC is absent in any room of any age home.

A/C is not a IRC requirement heat only. But sure is nice to have :smiley:

Simply note “NO A/C” and your job is done.

As far as i know, just heat is required.

Heat required, heat source in each bedroom. No a/c requirements.

Where is the requirment for a heater located in the code?

2003 IRC, R303.8

303.8 Required heating.

So its a requirement when the winter design temperature is below 60 degrees. I haven’t seen but two heaters in my five years of inspecting here on maui. Thanks for the info.

Hey Mark,

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No. A/C is not required by IBC or IRC.

A room without a heat source is not considered to be habitable space.

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What is the reason for Heat I wonder?
Of course you have to have AC. :smiley:

Brian, do you come across any homes without a/c.

Every once in a while I will find an older home here in Phoenix that only has a swamp cooler. But that is a rare find.

I have yet to turn the heat on here as just the crap running in the house keeps it warm enough.

I ran across a powder bath (4200 sq new construction) with no AC yesterday. Thought that was incorrect but an HVAC tech claims that the exhaust fan would pull air flow in under the door. Just doesn’t seem right but cannot find any requirement.


R303.8 requires a heat source only in “Habitable” rooms. If you check the definition of a “Habitable Space” room bathrooms are explicitly excluded. However, don’t forget that all rooms should have a 1/2" - 1" minimum opening at their door bottom to allow for a free flow of air.

The only time I concern myself with no supplies or returns in bathrooms are in the larger bathrooms, such as the master bathrooms. Although they are not required I do mention that they may wish to consider adding a supply as all that tile and other hard surfaces can get cold during winter periods.

Thanks Emmanuel.