No ac

I know homes need a heating source to maintain at least 68 DEG F and that portable space heaters don’t count. Is there a similar requirement for AC. I looked but I have not been able to find anything. Do I recommend it or just note that there is no means for cooling? Sorry Mr. Anderson if this a stupid question :wink:


AC is an option, though I think the folks in arizona would argue that point…

No stupid questions Juan.
A “valid and relevant question.”
Good for you.:slight_smile:


As a fellow Virginia native, AC (per any building standard) is not required. The Virginia summers make it a requirement (so says my yankee wife, who’s from Maine).

Ok thanks guys. I didn’t think so but wanted to make sure. What do you recommend I put in the report?

What would this topic have anything at all to do with an inspection report? I don’t understand.

You asked about a code requirement. Totally different animal.

Tell your client that there is no air conditioning and recommend that he have some installed.

I use this verbiage.

Not Present, no central cooling system was installed at the time of inspection.

Did the home have window AC units?

James the code requirement was more or less for my own knowledge. As for the report, I was just wondering if I should recommend an AC system be installed or just note that it was not there. There were no AC units. No even a fan in the house haha

Actually I remember now. I wasn’t sure if I should put it under Major Concerns or not.

You would be correct either way, IMO. Code would not be a factor, however, if you chose to recommend one.

Hopefully your clients are intelligent enough to already know if the home they’re interested in purchasing has AC cooling or not. unless they are buying site unseen.

You must have some pretty intelligent clients Chris :wink:

I would just mention the fact it was not present in the HVAC section of my report prolly wouldn’t make the summary or any recommendations…but that’s just me …I live on the north coast…

Thats what I decided as well James. Thanks

AC is not required. I would not recommend one you might open a can of worms with that.

Jaun report what you see. Not what you think they will need.
No AC, then why report something that is not there.
No third bedroom. Recommend they build one.
No hidden maid that pops out at might and jumps into bed with your husband.
I’d never buy the place myself.

Report your finding.

Only recommend and or refer the defects and deficiencies.

I like to think so, after all they hired me. :smiley:

Assuming it has one, how old is the furnace and what kind is it?

It didn’t have a furnace…no ducting…nothing. It was baseboard