Is anyone being harassed by ReportHost?

If any member is attacked, I’m going to launch the lawsuit of the century.


So who pissed in your Wheaties this time?

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I have two reports from members saying that Report Host is threatening to sue them. They stopped using Report Host, but Report Host wants paid forever, apparently.

If I get a few more of these, I’m going to bury them alive in legal bills. Everyone in the inspection industry knows that you don’t sue InterNACHI members. This is news to some vendors?

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Did they sign contracts agreeing to this?

Interesting, as Reporthost is a Pay-Per-Use software. If they paid for the reports they produced, (they will have their “receipt” for payment made), what is left for them to owe?
As usual, there has got to be more to the issue.

If you pay your bills you won’t get sued…

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My man!
And yours too, if you’re a member. One thing I’ve learned after about 15 years of close relationship with Nick is that he wants to see his members succeed, and he consistently backs up what he says with InterNACHI’s money and resources.


InterNACHI members are like Roman citizens in the days of Jesus. No one dare messes with them or the entire Roman army comes out.


But is Nick Jesus?

No, but members are like the Apostle Paul, a Roman citizen that no one should mess with.

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Adam, you must have skipped Sunday School. Jesus of Nazareth was not Roman. The Romans are the ones who put him on the cross. Roman soldiers were definitely not protecting or serving Jesus.


It’s been a long day lol

ReportHost has harassed no inspectors.

ReportHost is an inspection writing software company that has successfully served many thousands of home inspectors for over 17 years.

In that time, we have given InterNACHI members over 51,000 free reports* – that’s over $16.5MM of inspector revenue using Nick’s $325/report average price (note, our internal calculation of $375 would make that over $19MM!)

All ReportHost users enter into a contract – in the form of a user agreement – with us when signing up and affirm their agreement with every report published.

Like any other company in the United States of America, we have the right to defend our business and follow up with users who break their contract with us.

Just like most of the inspectors we serve, our company is our livelihood. We’ve poured untold hours (17 years!) into creating and nurturing it, and we will certainly be defending it.

*InterNACHI members receive 50% more free ReportHost reports than non-members.

You’re a pay-per-inspection model. What do your users owe you after they buy their own software?

We that use Report Host do not buy our own software. We use theirs, which has always served us well for 15 years, with never an issue that they weren’t quick to fix. We agree up front how many reports we will use in a month, then if it goes over that, we pay a reasonable fee per report over that. It’s also possible to quit at any time before the next month starts to avoid any further charges. The inspectors you refer to that are being “harassed” need to pay the money they owe Report Host and move on. These are trying times for everyone, but I would stand behind Report Host 100%. They are by far one of the best customer service businesses a person can find.

Reporthost has helped this profession in many ways. You need to go fiind someone else to pick on, Like, Maybe Nathan T


Again, why would an inspector need to pay them anything once they stop using the service?

ReportHost is a very sleazy company. They hired a fake inspector to contact Spectacular to see if we would convert her narratives from ReportHost to Spectacular so they could trap and possibly sue us. When an inspector wants to move on from their current system over to Spectacular, we build them a library/template from their narratives that they built up for years. ReportHost needed to see if any of their former customers switched to Spectacular using this service. ReportHost must understand if they build a good product and give good service, their customers won’t leave. We can’t retain everyone but don’t sue inspectors when they do decide to leave. Every home inspection software company has lost customers to another program, but to get mad and try to sue them for leaving is sleazy…

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What proof do you have to make such a claim?

Yes what proof do you have.