Is anyone close to Lawrence ks looking for a new hire?

this may not be the correct location for this post, if it isn’t i would be happy to remove it.

I am currently located in Lawrence Kansas, and i am very interested in breaking into the home inspection field, is any one local to the area hiring?

i have not completed all online certifications yet, but i am on the way. i have currently finished the code of ethics, S.O.P., structural issues for home inspectors as well as safe practices for the home inspector. i plan to continue my education, but was also interested in trying to find somewhere that i could utilize my developed, and developing skills.

if anyone has an opening or some guidance, please reach out. it would be greatly appreciated

john .

Welcome to our forum, John and good luck in your search. :smile:

Thank you larry.


Welcome, John.

You may try to contact inspectors in your area directly and ask if they have a need.

You can search inspectors by zip code but I don’t know where to find that page since the new forum took effect…email to and ask them. The are a great asset. :smile:

Best to you.


thank you again! that was the other approach i was taking, contacting individuals locally.
ill look into the search you suggest here.

i appreciate it