Is ASHI Going Broke?

[FONT=Arial]I find this article interesting.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]1. ASHI claims to have 6,800 members. Their annual operating budget is $3,500,000.00 if my math is correct that means that every year they spend $514.70 on each and every member! [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]{Annual membership is $295. + $80.00 Fee = $375.00} [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]This would mean that they are losing approximately $139.70 per member per year. Somebody tell me that this is wrong! No wonder they are going broke![/FONT]

On June 17th, Frank Lesh, ASHI President, informed ASHI membership that Rob Paterkiewicz, ASHI’s Executive Director, has tendered his resignation and that Paterkiewicz’s official date of departure from the organization will be August 10th.

In Lesh’s informal announcement to membership he wrote, “I received Rob’s notice of resignation 13 Jun 07. As you all know, Rob has had a profound effect within ASHI during his tenure as Executive Director. While it’s never convenient to see someone so valuable leave, the opportunity for him makes for a bittersweet departure. Join me in wishing him the best of luck in his new career.”

In his own announcement to membership, posted today to the ASHI message board, Paterkiewicz writes, "Much has changed in the twelve years that I have worked here. Our membership has grown from under 4,000 to a high of over 6,800 at the end of last year. Our operating budget increased from $1.5 million to $3.5 million.

Inspector regulation expanded from one or two states to over 30 today. Heck, a gallon of gas was only $1.25! The profession of home inspection has continued its expansion and has gained tremendous positive notice by the media, government agencies, home buyers and sellers and many other companies and populations that wouldn’t have thought twice about it previously. There is much for all of us to be proud of.

“The time has come, however, for me to move on. I leave with the hope that you will enjoy many years of prosperous success. I’m proud of my work here and especially proud to have labored shoulder to shoulder with some of the most dedicated staff and volunteers that I have ever worked with.”

[size=3]According to Lesh’s announcement, he’ll begin assembling a search team this week to begin interviewing for Paterkiewicz’s replacement.

[FONT=Trebuchet MS][FONT=Arial]I congratulate Mr. Paterkiewicz on a job well done!:roll: [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Without him and his cohorts inspectors would have been less able to see the difference between ASHI and NACHI. They are one of the reasons that NACHI has surpassed ASHI and grown so quickly!\:D/ [/FONT]

I know Nick doesn’t agree, but I sure hope so.

Around here they have done a fantastic job missinforming the Real Estate community that an inspector HAS TO BE ASHI certified. They have folks buffaloed into thinking its some sort of a law or something.

I am amused to read how ASHI…by taking credit for the expansion of state controls over the businesses of home inspectors…has actually financed its own demise.


I know Nick doesn’t agree, but I sure hope so.

Around here they have done a fantastic job missinforming the Real Estate community that an inspector HAS TO BE ASHI certified. They have folks buffaloed into thinking its some sort of a law or something.
I tell the real estate agents the truth and that is that “ASHI is a small and dying Association” and that NACHI is the largest in the United States with the strictest standards of practice bar none.
When real estate agents asked me if our standards of practice “equal to ASHI” I tell them the truth … I say “Oh No … we have gone far beyond that!”
ASHI only requires you to inspect one window per room, and one electrical outlet per room. What kind of an “inspection” is that? The answer is obvious …. it is a half a$$ed inspection!:twisted:

ASHI tried the same baloney in New Hampshire. It is a shame that they have such a good marketing campaign.

Nick is going to travel to New Hampshire in November and give a presentation to as many real estate agents as we can gather under one
roof. :smiley:

This should help stop the ASHI Caca campaign around here.

During my first session with the Senator who was a sponsor of the ASHIFIED Bill The ASHI pukes who wrote the Senate bill in New Hampshire publicly stated that once the bill was passed that there would be no need for them or anyone else to be a member of any “Home Inspectors Association”.

It was clear from this meeting that they intend to drop ASHI and to become “trainers” of all of the poor and pitiful non-ASHI qualified/certified home inspectors in New Hampshire.

As a “trainer” they hope to make $10, 000.00-$15, 000.00 off of each and every home inspector in the state of New Hampshire.

It is obvious that that was their sole intent of writing this Bill!

The ASHI rank-and-file should stand up and reclaim their organization.

don’t forget about the reduction in competition until they are licensed, if they make it through the “internship” process of 100 supervised inspections.

Frank, just a couple of points you missed that may interest some…

I never heard anyone say there would be no need for another home inspectors association.

It was also no intention made that anyone from ASHI would drop their business to become a trainer and where does that number of 10,000.00-15,000.00 come from?

As you know I have been involved just as much as anyone and have never heard any of these claims except on this BB.

One thing I do know is members of ASHI in my area are using this BB and certain members against us, if they have the glory jobs as trainers , why do you think they would stoop to this.

I would like to see some factual data to back up your statements, This is the kind of fear that gets placed in people minds to reaffirm we need licencing/protection.

Chris, as a new VP of NH, make sure you do your homework/research, being knee deep can be difficult to get out of.

There is one glarring omision in your math, Frank. I imagine a lot of their income comes from the “A$HI Affilates” who whore them for their self-destructive legislative activities. It makes one wonder if kickbacks are involved …

AND other non-dues revenue sources like - Training Buddy Fee’s etc with certain PREFERRED training buddy referrals, kickbacks or whatever you call them.

If memory serves me correctly you were a long time ASHI member and as such, you would know more about the way that they generate funds.

From your message it seems their “Training Buddy Fees” is nothing new and if the ASHIFIED bill passes the people in New Hampshire should get braced for this long established ASHI method of generating funds!

Isn’t the NHIE an ASHI revenue stream?

I guess the fact that ASHI members get more in return than what they pay for membership bugs the poop out of some NACHO s top elitist:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
You all enjoy the free repo inspections, the non existant TV studios, the non existant boxes in front of all realtors offices across the country, the non existant printing press where members were going to get free printing and brochures, along with the hundreds of non - delivered promises used to raise funds, gotta love it, ole Nickey tells you, hurry up and send him your $ membership is capped, only to see a post a few day’s later, buy somebodys product and get free membership:roll: :roll: ]
while I and thousands of others enjoy having the privilege of being informed where our dues go, the new e -appraisals thingy, the hundreds of other real membership bennies, the hundreds of monthly PR publications and TV / radio spots that ASHI and ASHI members use to inform the public that they have an option to choose a proven professional inspector opposed to an inspector that only qualifications may be taking an on-line quiz for instant certificiation…:smiley: :smiley:

I forgot your most valuable benefit, that only nacho members can have, Busshy:D


How can you make light of ASHI affilaitaes (there are not many) when NACHI is the world’s largest vendorama? I had a NACHI affiliate call me at 8:00 AM today trying to sell me mold testing kits.

I get calls on my phone from my NACHI “return call service” about once or twice
a week. I get several hits a week on my web page from their find an inspector
service. I enjoy the NACHI online education and forum daily. My membership
fees pay for themselves.

What does ASHI have that I need? It’s sure not their forum. I have never seen
anything that ASHI can do for me.


That may be a good thing, from what I read and hear, most experienced HI professionals frown on inspectors, that supports, markets and exploits the public with bogus marketing tools like the CMI…:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


I’ve earned closed to $4000 extra in the last 12 months from ASHI inspector locator. There’s one benefit right there. I am not happy at all the way ASHI has turned Illinois into an ‘inspector-turned-instructor-circus’, but there are some solid benefits for the working class home inspectors.

Starting a few years back, John, with the branding campaign — it became a matter of what you can do for ASHI, not what they can do for you. In fact, this president of a dying chapter says as much in the close of his letterannouncing the reduction in staff, membership and funds.

If you read their message board, and even the dribble that gets spilled on our message board by some of their stray cats…you don’t hear about “what is right about ASHI”. They can only obsess with what is wrong with us.:wink:

This is nothing more than the death rattle…signs that the end is nearer than they want to admit.

I don’t engage them in discussion, anymore, but if I did…I would simply encourage these guys to just let go and walk toward the light. Their pain will soon be over if they just let go…

Well before you turn out the ASHI light guys, how many of you have booked 10 inspections in 12 months from the NACHI locator?

Better yet… How many nacho members even have a clue on How many time has your name/ company or web site been viewed by the public strictley due the the nachi find an inspector?