Why is everyone leaving ASHI all of a sudden. Anyone know the scoop?

We’re getting a lot of ASHI members emailing us, telling us they are not renewing with ASHI and asking if they are welcome at InterNACHI. It appears they are not connected to one chapter (they are from all over the country). Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? Their site is still up.

(http://www.nachi.org/forum/f2/2011-new-years-resoultion-im-out-56713/#post728759) There was no conspiracy. :smiley:

Your link goes to members-only. I see you don’t have ASHI on your website anymore either. Can you explain what is going on?

Free market capitalism! The service that provides the best SERVICE & VALUE wins. The old boy, RE agent controlled network is dying : )

After five years, Joe Burkeson & Square-One Inspection Service, LLC are no longer affiliated with ASHI or Suncoast ASHI.

There was no issue or animosity, it was simply a business decision. ASHI was no longer able to provide any verifiable benefits now that licensing has arrived.

Five years ago in the height of the housing boom Suncoast ASHI was a formidable association with the ear of the Realtor associations, to be a member of Suncoast required me to be a member of ASHI national, things have changed dramatically since then and many of those ASHI favoring Realtors are no longer in the business.

Last one at ASHI, turn the lights out please.

Joe, I thought you were President of the ASHI chapter. No?

No, VP 2 years, 3 years on the board, I turned down the opportunity to be President and did not seek further board membership in 2009.

My goal for 2011 is to promote CMI, it is designed to be used post licensing. :slight_smile:

“My goal for 2011 is to promote CMI, it is designed to be used post licensing. :smile:

Agree! Some of us were saying that back during the arguments leading up to the formation of CMI and all the naysayers were snorting and horse laughing. Some of those same people are now CMI.

In a “fatter” market you can be less “choosy” where you throw your money around. In today’s LEANER market, you have to choose “wisely” where you are spending your business dollars. Maybe many are finding Nachi is a better place to “invest” their money.

Just in '09 and '10, some of my competition here is going away… Maybe they shoulda chose Nachi?


Glad to see I made the right choice in 2004 when weighing out the two Organizations.
Viva! Inachi. :):smiley:

I was (am) an established home inspector, with thousands of home inspections since 2002, and not a member of any home inspection association. With the coming Kansas laws in 2008, I saw that one provision, that since has been stricken, noted that you had to be a member of a home inspection association. Of the two major ones, I chose InterNACHI as the best, and becoming a CMI was one of my best decisions.

Now is the time to promote InterNACHI.

ASHI solves nothing.

Who is ASHI? :twisted:

CMI rocks.

I personally do not promote NACHI, the way Nick allows people to use the name without any regard makes me look as though I am affiliated with these people/companies that do NOT promote professionalism.

I like being a member of NACHI, but his blatant disregard for the way affiliates can just throw the NACHI name around to the general public is one I definitely do not want to be associated with. I learned my lesson.

Russell, all professional trade associations have affiliates. Some have many thousands. What would our industry be without reporting software, websites, insurance, book publishers, inspection schools, tool manufacturers, laboratories, etc. ?

Nick you are comparing two different things.

Let’s say a guy is selling flashlights and they suck, guess what, he sells one or two flashlights and we realize it’s poor. Sure he gets a couple of us but that is it. It’s more or less " in house " for inspectors.

You let people put things put to the public saying they are “NACHI affiliated” without any approval or anything. So they use our good name and reputation to market to the public without any approval. Name another organization who does that?

So now some tool who you “approved” gets to piggy bck off the NACHI name without any consent, approval or anything to the public. Because if they suck, it will fix itself (You say). The damage is done after it’s gets to the public. Your affilitation gets attached to their affiliation and you two become one.

How do I know this? It’s happened here in Florida! To me and my company!

Does any other reputable company do this? Just let " affiliates" use their name in public marketing as they wish without any pre-approval?

We have a lot of inspectors who suck.

Some suck so bad, they have to give away their services for hundreds of dollars less than real inspectors. They publish the NACHI logo, advertise their NACHI “certification” and the whole works. They have failing grades with the BBB, multiple lawsuits and attorney general complaints. Many of them are licensed by their state, as well. What’s the difference?

Should the guy who sells the software be held to a higher standard than the guy who is listed above you in the inspectorseek.com database?