Nick,is this true?

I heard the other day that you were an ASHI candidate member a few years ago and got POd because you could not pass the NHIE after several tries to become a full member, and that’s why you started NACHI and wrote your own exam so you could be certified.:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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reply to dharris;

don"t you have anything better to do with your time,like play withyourself!!!

proud nachi member


I do not usually answer for Nick.

Based upon my knowledge of the Development, Formation and Growth of NACHI, your assertions are Inaccurate.

What is ASHI??

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I’ve heard that necessity is the mother of invention.

Poooor Mr. Harrris
No one will play with him .
He loves ASHI and I guess they ignore him so he keeps comming back to NACHI to show what a silly little boy he really is.
Like is so cruel when a big little boy has no one his size to talk to .
Pooor Mr. Harrris .
Roy Sr

Nick himself said he had some kind of riff with ASHI when he was a new home inspector. You can beat up Dan - but don’t beat up the facts.


There may have been differences but the difference had little if anything to do with a Test.


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So ?
Do you think it is proper for a non member to keep comming to our home and complaing constantly about NACHI, its leader and members ?
If a person is comming to my place uninvited why should we be forced to listen to them ridicule us?
I personally feel if they wish to make use of out BB then common courtesy says be polite enjoy and do not complain.

Roy Cooke sr… RHI …

Yes Roy I agree. That’s why most forums in any business are open to members only.

Thanks .
I do really like the idea of NACHI keeping most of our BB open .
It shows how forward NACHI is and how we all love to help every one members and non members.
We have a three Closed BB in Canada and two are very seldom used.
Many Canadians come to visit NACHI but seldom post as the Canadian association discriminates BIG time against those who have .
The way of the future looks to me to eventually be NACHI for Canada.
I expect the NACHI conference next year in Canada will sure surprise many Home Inspectors every where.

Roy Cooke sr…

Those Organizations have stagnated while NACHI Has Expanded and Will Continue to Grow…

If we had a closed BB some would pay $$ and from the inside they would bash

It is the nature of people


Wow man, I heard Zappa was the Mothers of Invention! :mrgreen:

Aw, Joe
You stole my thunder.

It would seem Erol is a man of few words. Thats probably a good thing! :wink:

ASHI, I thought they were a womens sewing club.

Some just like to play.

Some find it humorous that you get excited about being bashed while you are in the middle of bashing.

If you cannot take it, do not dish it out.

I am sure most of you have had a parent or other tell you at some point in time, “it takes two to fight.”


“when you point your finger you have three pointing at you”

Mr. Porter’s Professional remark is a perfect example. He has not to my knowledge been a member of any other HI’s orgs. While Dan, Joe, others and Myself have been in many.

So I ask, who would be in a better position to know the differences, good or bad?

Have you ever noticed that the people who do the most complaining (non-members) never seem to be able to provide info on their profile. Ahhh yes the professionally challenged.