Is fastening boards to trusses a defect?

Is fastening boards to trusses in an attic a defect?
Is it considered to be modification of the truss and in need of evaluation by a qualified structural engineer?

My question would be “WHY” were the boards attached? What is missing/damaged/substandard?
Did you see anything that may answer the ‘why’ question?
Whatever the reason may not be visible like a ‘glued’ cracked web board or even underneath the insulation.
I am inclined to refer it as a CYA.


I did not see anything that would answer the “why” question. I was unable to walk or crawl most of the attic space due to the lack of a visible walking surface. I am also inclined to refer it as a CYA.

In a different part of the attic, one truss had some damage to it.

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You may also suggest the client circle back around to the homeowner who may have more information including “approved” repair documentation.


The builder may have fastened the 2x to the truss during the assembly process to help prevent damage to the truss when using a shingle point of lift. And the little toothpick nick I see on the truss is not a problem.
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It does make sense for the attached boards to be placed there as a means of preventing damage to the truss during their initial placement with a crane. Thank you, @sbridges2


That’s a good one to remember for signs of a repair. I just put that one in my list of pre-written comments. Thanks, @bcawhern1 !