Modified roof truss

My structural framing knowledge is limited and looking for help.

The truss supporting the roof in this attic appeared to be modified to accommodate storage space. The webs were cut and you can see where they originally were in the metal gussets (some of which have been damaged).

It looks like vertical posts were added on the left side to compensate but that’s just a guess obviously.

Any experts have thoughts on this? I think I would comment on the report that it appeared to have been modified and should be further evaluated by a qualified engineer or carpenter.


Any modification, to a truss, has to have an engineers stamp of approval.

Have buyer ask for the engineer’s paperwork and if none exists, report that it needs to be signed off on by a structural engineer…everything in writing in your report.


Thank you. This is helpful from a business perspective. Any thoughts from a pure building safety perspective? This is a friend’s house and trying to help him out.

trusses absolutely cannot be modified in anyway without supporting engineering.


That’s not an attic truss so the bottom chord was only designed for 10psf. After you remove the dead load for the ceiling drywall, insulation and plywood the storage capacity is nil before he cut the webs. A truss company or a structural engineer is need to mitigate the damage.

I called these out. The realtor got back to me two days later and said the engineer stated no issue.

Did he wink when he said it, Mark?

What exactly is the problem and what are “these”?

Well I thought they were cut two x four braces that at one time were help holding the ceiling.

What do you mean hold the ceiling? how would they accomplish this? From your pics it does not look like midspan support is required for the short span of the rafters.

What was above the 2 large ducts going through the sheathing? was there a packaged AC unit on the roof?

I thought it might be acting as a fake truss, roof/ceiling support. Yes a package ac was on top and I was worried about the weight of the unit also.

Well, I would’ve called it out too, but not because it’s wrong. So how you called it out is important, imo. Now that a SE approved it, it’s out of your hands.

Looks like a ridge beam with common rafters attached with simpson brackets.

That’s what I am seeing too Randy.

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Actually it’s a standard stick framed roof with 2x8 rafters and a 2x10 ridge board.

Yep, Steve, I was going to note that, too. :cowboy_hat_face:

These are not trusses. What is cut are knee braces and from what I can see they are unnecessary. Knee braces generally support a purlin and thre is no purlin. If they were needed there would be either a purlin or one on every rafter.

thank you .

I’m confused because someone inserted a different issue in the middle of this thread… Are you referring to my initial post or the other person’s side post?


if your post was the video i was not addressing that. apparently i got the post that someone inserted. your post they are trusses and appear to have been modified. trusses cannot be modified in anyway without engineering support. you are right to have them evaluated and repaired as . a carpenter is not a good call unless he happens to be an engineer too. i would wright it as follows…“Roof trusses appear to have been modified. client is advised to have evaluated by a qualified engineer and repaired as needed by a qualified contractor.”

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