Is flex gas line allowed to run from basement to 2nd floor furnace??

House was built in 2001 - Sewell, NJ (south NJ)

there is a flexible yellow gas line that runs from the basement up to the 2nd floor furnace in the attic

Is this code compliant?? if not now, any way to find out if it was back in 2001?

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated

I am a homeowner, not an inspector—thanks!!


It sounds like CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing) and if designed, installed and bonded correctly shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you Mr. Cage for the reply and the link - very helpful:D


Read what Larry gave you and make sure it is bonded.

Check local codes. Here, it cannot run through a wall. That is for solid black pipe.

It’s called “Trac Pipe” and was very common until maybe 2009 They now use a black product called “Counterstrike” here is the guide for the yellow stuff. Should have all detail and installation factoids you want.

The yellow had some sort of lighting strike issue if not grounded properly.

CSST can run through walls, just like black pipe.

Great stuff.
When it runs behind your living room wall no anchors are needed.

Just drywall screw it in and the screw self seals it.

If burglers enter you just yank the screw and light a match and have fun watching them run.

lol seriously though it never caught on real big here and I am glad of it.:slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the input - i spoke with the local inspector who confirmed it was installed to code

can’t thank you all enough for helping - great site!!


Also, no fittings are allowed to be concealed for ANY type of gas pipe in my area even when the fitting is rated for concealment.

Don’t ask how I know.

I assume you mean flex as it would need to have allowances for regular elbows and tee’s.

When I said ANY, I meant it.

From my local AHJ.

So when they pipe high rises they find 20 story long pipe…:slight_smile:
Must be some pretty bad az plumbers up north.

Listen, I think my AHJ is wrong that doesn’t mean I can ignore what he says.

I ignore them all the time.
You should see the violation sheet I just looked at for a peice of S.
The guy wrote up 2 lousy items.

Not when my son-in-law pulled the permit…

Do you think it’s worth arguing with him when the project is not complete?