Flex gas line through solid walls????

Flexible LP gas line through walls. Can anyone tell me if they know who manufactured this flexible gas line? I found a six year old modular home with the flexible line being run throughout the home. My concern is running flexible gas lines through solid walls. Any ideas?

P1060844 resized.jpg

Can’t make out the manuf. It’s probably printed on the opposite side. It can run through walls and floors, but has to be protected if it penetrates anything with a sharp edge, like a fireplace box. Here’s a common manufacturer where you can download installation instructions. http://www.gastite.com/homepage.php?pg=home

You know about the bonding requirements for CSST, right? If it’s yellow, it was probably in the lawsuit and requires a bond.

Good stuff. Very common in modern construction.

IRC 2006 G2415.2 Concealed piping shall not be located in solid partitions and solid walls, unless installed in chase or casing.

Since it is stamped iapmo here is their site.

Yes but I don’t think these would be SOLID walls or partitions.

Sure seemed like it to me.

Looked like wood frame to me.