Is ISN trust worthy?

Hey guys, sounds like some folks have had good experiences with Inspection support network. I myself seem to have had a run around trying to get started and am questioning if this is a good company.
Long story short- I bit the bullet and went forward with signing up. I had to wait 2 weeks for a training to get started. Trainer was a no show!! I got updates and schedule reminders but the chunk of time I set a side was wasted with no one showing up for the online training. They apologized and set me up for another training. Fast forward another 2 weeks of waiting. I get a notification at the end of the day, the day before that my trainer is unable to make the meeting. UHHHHH. Another chunk of time set aside wasted, this time it was during the day and lost an inspection.
Typically I will tell someone to go pound dirt after 2 losses. But I am willing to be sold on the benefits of giving this company one more try,
Has others had bad experiences that I should run away from? Sounds like the other option of NXT INSPKT is no gem either.

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I use ISN. My training session was scheduled out too. I took that time to become familiar with the program. When my training session came up it was brief, just answering questions I had. I pretty much set everything up before the training. The program itself could be more user friendly. I’m sure it makes sense to a software designer but there is room for improvement. I like having all my clients, agents and inspections in one place. They did get bought out by porch which kind of sucks. I don’t like how they prey on my clients using their service. I always question if they steal it anyway. I have found some glitches that have always been promptly fixed.

What does that mean “they prey on my clients”? Does that mean they sell the data they compiled from my scheduler? I was told I can opt out of that. I am anti social media for that reason.

Yes, you can opt out.

I’ve been using ISN since 2012 and would have left had they not offered the Porch opt out option.


If you opt into the porch service the client gets spammed. I feel they should be paying me for leads, it’s a scam.

You can try NXT iNSPEKT

They are like ISN, way less complicated. and also you can get 5 years free for being a member of Internachi.

Just sign up for a trial. I think its 3 months and then email them and mention you are a member of internachi. and you want your 5 years free.

its way simpler them ISN to use, setup, etc. and free for 5 years. cant beat that.

here is the post Nick posted awhile back

It has helped us dramatically streamline all of our back-office processes which equal cost savings; integrates very well with HIP. We have received nothing but compliments from our clientele on the quality and timeliness of communications; nothing but good things to say from our experience with ISN!

As the Chief Operating Officer of The Elite Group, I can say without a doubt that my experience with ISN has proven they are very trustworthy! Now, I follow all these forums and the many groups on Facebook too…and there are always plenty of people willing to post about a poor experience with the many service providers in our industry. It definitely makes sense, since we are all Inspectors…trained to observe and report on defects! :slightly_smiling_face:

Allow me to offer a slightly different perspective: Does every professional baseball player hit a home run on every at bat? Or better yet, as an Inspector, are we perfect and do we find every single defect in every home we inspect? We all know that we miss things every once in a while and we sure learn quickly that we get claims filed against us before we even have a chance to defend ourselves. Or even sometimes we may experience a Realtor throwing us under the bus to save face in front of their client. The point here is that nobody is perfect…and that goes for service providers too. The real question here is how did they respond to your dissatisfaction? If I had to bet (with more than 10 years of experience with ISN), I’d be willing to bet that ISN responded with an apology and likely gave you a rather awesome discount to make up for any errors on their part.

I’ve personally met with several of the great people at ISN and Porch…and they are seriously great people working hard to help our industry and Inspection companies :muscle:t2:. In fact, there are great people throughout our industry! Nathan Thornberry and his team at ISG and RWS. You likely already know how awesome Nick Gromicko and the InterNACHI team are. There are many amazing people at John Russell’s iGO team. Jack at Subtech. Trandon at secure 24. Dominic and the HIP team! The list goes on and on!

Mistakes and errors can and do occur in every business, it is how they respond to the discrepancy that shows you the type of company you are working with!

I’m hopeful that this lengthy response offers some help in your journey sir. No doubt your instincts led you to ask the advice of this group…your instincts threw up the caution flag and that is why you should never ignore your gut instincts. With all the craziness in our world today I hope you will continue the search for advice, alignment and the answers will come.

Have a great week my fellow Inspectors!


Mike Speirs
COO, The Elite Group


Nathan Thornberry has been helping home inspectors for decades.

Training throughout many industries have been thrown into disarray. (COVID-19)

Kevin is a recognised colleague operating an established successful home inspection company. That testimonial carries weight.

Although I do not use ISN any longer, through no fault of ISN, I might look into renewing my membership.

Hope that helps.

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Welcome to our forum, Michael!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks to everyone’s thoughts and comments, truly appreciated. I am going to give them another run as it sounds like those who use them are happy.
Now onto a call center or scheduler. I am a one man show and thinking about hiring someone to field calls and schedules. Any recommendations? The hinge is that my personal number is also my business number.

I use ACC, been with them since 2011.

Sorry, what is acc?

America’s Call Center

America’s Call Center - Home Inspection Call Center (