ISN has gone to S***T

Anyone else having non-stop issues with ISN? It seems to me that they have recently been putting a lot more effort into developing a crappy report writer and other Porch style marketing gizmos and crap then into making sure the bones of the ISN system is working flawlessly.
My clients are not able to use my online scheduler, they are not able to sign or pay for the inspection correctly. My ISN calender isn’t syncing with my google calender. All issues that the great support team has been able to fix and work out, but its one issue after another these days. Making my business look bad. And taking time to deal with.
Anyone have another CRM style software similar to ISN? I honestly have loved ISN for the past few years and can not see myself not using the service. I’ve tried this past month to skip them but it’s hard to go back to the old ways.

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I have had trouble getting ISN to sync with my Google Calendar as well. I have used ISN for years and until recently never had one issue. I hope this isn’t going to be the new norm.

Make the switch to NXT Inspekt Talk to Chris Higginbotham and tell him I sent you, Its 100% easier to use then ISN and half the cost. I have been using it for over 2 years and its great. I hated ISN with a passion, and they don’t push the Porch crap onto you.

All I use ISN for is booking/scheduling jobs, transfering to my inspection software, and sending emails and agreements. I don’t use any other services they offer.

I did notice last month that their servers were slow and at one point off line, but they sent out an email apologizing for the issue and fixed whatever was wrong.

I had a similar experience with general slowness about a month ago but never got an apology email. I haven’t really had any other issues lately but don’t use the Online Scheduler. I’m overall happy with the product. Of course, I wasn’t too happy with the major price increase when Porch took over and really don’t care for Porch forcing their app on my clients but I guess that’s just the way of the world these days. I definitely miss the “small business” personal feeling from when Dan Huber first started it. Still though, I find their online chat support to be very responsive and helpful.

Hey Matt,
Not sure if you know but you can opt out of Porch in ISN under “Office Settings”, and “Working with other Applications”.

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I don’t use ISN and never will.
As to your complaints… they’ve been busy spamming me, (and likely many others), like crazy this last couple/few months. I have multiple websites and business emails, and each of them get ‘hit’ a few times every week!
I never understood why these hacks think they will ever gain my trust and business by harassing and spamming me. Total idjits!

Thanks I will look into NXT inspekt. I feel that I did consider them a few years ago but cant remember why I choose ISN over them. I will give them another go.

When ISN took over my report delivery and manipulated my client into signing up for their app was the point that I started to get upset. I personally went through every single email template that goes out to my clients to make sure it’s acceptable. To suddenly, without warning to sneak their cheap advertising into my business emails was low and slimy. It almost felt criminal. I was getting calls from clients and agents asking why they can’t access their reports.

Curious what you use to manage all your back end stuff? And still have time to keep the great meme generator flowing hard.

It’s amazing how Porch bought ISN just to run it into the ground.

They are beyond obtuse as to who their clients are and what their clients’ needs are.

However, the program, as Dan built it, is just so powerful. No other program rivals what it can do (yet). But the day is coming, sooner or later, when ISN will just be a memory,

Yeah, I definitely have that deactivated but they still find a way to creep into my business. The report delivery app thing was particularly annoying. The day that went live I had two agents call confused about why they now had to download an app to get their report. Granted, they just needed to scroll down a bit to see the PDF versions but the way Porch did that was super sleazy - obviously an attempt to make people think they must download the app.

I agree. I only use ISN to schedule and send e-mails and get agreements signed. I then transfer it to my report software. I’ve been thinking of trying ISN’s report software, but doubt that I will.

So I just found out Nxt inspekt is owned by Porch as well. WTF doesn’t Porch have their hands into? I don’t get the greedy need to control an entire industry. It seems they want to become the Amazon of inspections. Is it an ego issue? or just corporate greed? I have a demo appt with NXT today to give them a go, but what is stopping Porch from doing the same nonsense that they just pulled with ISN?

Well you can go over to spectora, they are not owned by porch. Or inspector toolbox for your scheduling. Inspector toolbox is free to use for scheduling. But limited abilities. NXT Inspekt is the best I have found for ease of use and functionality. As of right now they do not integrate with porch. But if they do soon then it can just be turned off.

Yeah, except for Amazon makes money :rofl: :rofl:


Amazon has a reported 2.7 Billion loss in 2022. Porch is nowhere close to that at 20 Million.

Their stock and general company health is what I was referring to. Over the last year Amazon is basically flat and Porch has lost well over half of it’s value. Amazon having a 2 billion dollar loss is irrelevant with annual sales of roughly 525 billion. Porch losing 20 million with annual sales of 275 million is far more concerning to investors and the company’s overall health.