Important update about's purchase of Inspection Support Network (ISN).

After purchases ISN, InterNACHI’s founder Nick Gromicko purchases a stake in

As many of you know, I was very vocal about the concerns I had about (America’s largest repair contractor) buying out two of the inspection industry’s vendors. First, they bought up HON (Home Owner’s Network). Then, very recently, bought up ISN (Inspection Support Network). In an effort to preserve the integrity of our profession, especially with regard to consumer data, I took action that places me in a position where I am more able to assure that consumers won’t be inadvertently harmed. Today, October 4, 2017, I purchased a portion of


I was only joking earlier on FB when I said you were just going to have to buy Porch. I am always amazed at the lengths you go to in order to protect our industry and consumers.

Thanks Nick

Enough of a stake that you have any say in what they do?


Awesome. Congratulations on your new endeavor!

I disabled Porch in my ISN. So, now that you have a say and probably a wherewithall what do you suggest?

Thanks Nick. You’re a good man who cares about our industry and I respect you to no end, because of that. Really quick I’d also like to say Thank You for caring for all of those children at Christmas. I read that the other day and man to man, you’re an alright fellow. I’ve talked to you for a lot of years now and you are in my top 5 favorite people of all time. Love you to no end and then some. I pray for you, your family, staff, animals, InterNACHI membere, etc. often and I just wanted to say: thank you for being the 1 and only Nick Gromicko. Love your brother Ben as well and your sons. All of you have been nothing but good to me in so many ways. I’ve laughed along the way. Stay safe. Wishing you the best.

I might get my faith back in the vendor industry, if you can get some basic moral changes made.

So no isn type system integrated into our dashboard? That is the real deal

One of the measures Porch has agreed to is to install a “Wall of Checks” in my office at InterNACHI in Boulder, Colorado. These are 100 signed, blank checks. If I hear of a client of an InterNACHI member who has a complaint about Porch, I’m authorized to take down one of the checks, fill in the name, and send it to that consumer. Porch has agreed to replenish the checks as I use them to resolve any complaints about Porch. I will regularly report to InterNACHI members the status of the Wall of Checks.

Excellent tactical move. You and NACHI are truly a great force for the inspection industry. Since so many of us are one man operations, it’s like you are helping each person individually. Thank you for all you do.

Dennis and Nick, when is this ever going to happen? Make it happen if at all possible. It is much needed and will be appreciated by the majority.

WOW. Thank you.

Wow, so then, you technically own a percentage of ISN. (even if it’s not directly).

This is one wild ride.

Merry Go Round.

Same package, different presentation…
Porch had already agreed with ISN to pay the inspector’s month of ISN should the inspector receive a valid complaint.

Will Internachi Inspectors be listed in the professional service section? Great benefit for CPI’s and CMI’s and public.

Way to go Nick! Thanks for all you do for Inspectors. May God continue to Bless you.

Paul Roebuck

It sounds like Nick’s arrangement is considerably different; a blank check that he can fill in and send at his discretion versus a limited amount for a “valid complaint” with Porch deciding what is or is not “valid”.