Is it Me or the NACHI Site?

Lately, I’ve notice when I’m on the NACHI (BB) site and click from page to page, there seems to be an annoying “fade” from one page load to the next. It’s not everytime but most. Noticed it on another computer as well. Anyone else noticed? Or, is it just me :roll:

Screen transition - I think we all have it.

Samething here Rick. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I’ve notice it also!

WHEW… I thought the 70’s were catching up with me. I didn’t want to say anything until someone else did.:mrgreen: </IMG>

Me too!!! Thought I was having flashbacks! It’s bad enough when you can’t remember where you left your reading glasses (all 10 pairs) :cool:

I thought it was my eyes failing me:shock: Thank god its only Chris Morell!

I am glad it is not my eyes!

Apparently Im not experiencing it; same old snap and page changes. Kind of like blinking

How do you ever get by with just 10 pairs??

My wife walked in the other day asking where the reading glasse’s were.

I ask what was wrong with the pair she had on her head.

She got mad.

Mine hasn’t changed either.:shock:

Women! :stuck_out_tongue:

The 70’s HOLY CRAP and I was thinking the 60’s were catching up with me. LMAO

I believe you can turn off page transitions in your browser if so inclined.

Not sure what you mean Rick.

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Browsing <Enable page transitions>

If this box is checked, you get the transition (fade), if unchecked, you don’t.

Same here, slow transition. Thought it was my drinkin’,:shock: but I haven’t been drinkin’. :mrgreen:

That must be IE.
I’m a FireFox 3.0 guy.:wink:

It works Rick, :slight_smile: Now a question, how will this effect other browsing?

Worked for me too Rick. I’m wondering though, why did it just recently start and only on NACHI site? Go figure:roll: Thanks though!:smiley: