Is it ok to bury AC suction line?

Just inspected a townhome. AC line was buried. Line was insulated but still possibly exposed to dirt. No soil pipe was present. Anyone know if this is OK?

This will most likely void the manufactures warranty. Especially if they never consulted with them first before doing this. I can tell you that those that claim they can run it incased in pvc may also be creating additional problems when the pvc pipe floods with water. It does happen and the heat exchange effect between the low and high side lines can cause problems for you. I think it depends on the ground condition in the geographical area this is done. Some areas are much colder and the soil temps can affect the units performance. In general, the answer would be no. Do not run the line set in the ground or directly in the soil. But, ultimately it is the manufactures call I think. All of this is strictly my opinion mind you. Let see what anyone else has to say. maybe an HVAC expert.


It is very common on new construction condos here and I have never found any literature banning it. The systems that I have inspected were functioning within the expected parameters.

seeing that refrigeration systems have the suction/liquid lines soldered togeather (for good reason), please expound on your opinion…

We had buried lines on commercial units all the time never ran into any problems unless there was a leak . then it was a pain.

Thanks for the reponses! I can’t find any literature that addresses this either. The unit was cooling properly and in good condition. I will just point it out to the customer so they are aware.

My opinion is based on past experience in the a/c trade. Not refrigeration though. You may want to view this manual from Luxaire though. Page 10 particularly related to piping…

I’m sure there may be other references but this is one that I found.


Here is a set of Amana/Goodman instructions. Information about burying lines is on page 3

I retract my comment on that manual…

Well there you go, at least in the Goodman installation if it cant be avoided then follow the guidelines provided. In my experience with my area there was a period of time that it was the common installation, I do not make mention of that to the client because really is not relevant. (that may be different in your area. certainly not in the frost free zone we are in.

I have heard many opinions on this subject. Some HVAC installers think under-ground copper lines will act as a ground. Some copper lines underground do carry a minute amount of current. The ground makes good line insulation.

I like the Goodman comment best.