Is more needed?

After looking at this deck I figured I would see what other thought.

This deck had every attachement, hanger, bolt, etc in place. Post footings were poured and secured with brackets. THe only thing i thought it may lack would be some additional bracing.

What are your opinions. IF the deck would have been half this high I would have been happy.

Looks good to me!

Looks ok from here for what I can see. :wink:

Do you know what a deck is since you live in the land of slab houses?:stuck_out_tongue:

Huh?..Apparently you have no idea…Actually I just figured it was in Tennessee and came to the conclusion who cares! One less man from Tennessee means that his sister can sleep in peace tonight!

Do you kids call you daddy or uncle?


How is it fastened to the wall? Bolted? Through the stone???

Stair rail is not graspable.

Stair treads are open > 4".

IT was bolted into block wall that was solid poured.

The handrail is graspable, you just have to reach over and grab the side. :wink:

The deck Joe, the deck!!! Not the stairs.

Bolt shear issues. We need a PE to comment now.

The whole house looks like its going to slide down the hill to me. What are those stains on the retaining wall?

Does it have a graspable handrail at about 3 feet on the stairs? I would think by now everyone would be looking for this. If not just recommend a handrail installed on top of the existing. I do not see a post at 5 feet on the stairs. The distance between needs to be no more than 5 feet. I can’t tell from the picture but I do not see infill on the steps to prevent a 4-inch ball through.
Again I may be picky but this is according to** InterNachi** how to perform deck inspections.

No Kevin, virtualy no deck i have ever inspected here has a real graspable handrail. 1 in 300 maybe.

Its by the ski resort, they all look that way. :smiley:

Here too!
I am surprised how many of my clients really appreciate the safety issues we bring up from InterNachi.
Biggest words I get from my clients is, Thanks I am so glad I called you.

That whole thing should be engineered for wind lift resistance, lower deck posts holding its load plus the upper including roof and lateral bracing. Any engineer would surely find something wrong with it. If its a rental, I hope they have a maximum number of occupants listed.

looks like shotcrete & overspray probably for erosion prevention

Your my hero Barry!
That one did get wrote up for a big fail in an attept to stop erosion. They will have to do something better I would say. The sad part is I have seen much worse.

you have lowered expectations