Is my home a modular?

I have been seeking information since buying this home. Everything I’ve obtained has been either incomplete or inconsistent. This house is rebuilt on-site from a manufactured home to the building code specifications of an on-chassis modular. The county assessor sent me a copy of their inspector’s report confirming that the house meets local building code standards for a residential property. The assessor has the home classified as such, with a footnote stating that it is constructed to modular home standards. Other sources are indecisive or inconsistent about accurate classification.

What should I consider this home?

Impossible to say without an on-site visit or some very detailed photograhs of specific areas of the home. If you really have to know, call an experienced inspector or foundation contractor.

“On-chassis” sounds like a trailer. Also sounds like it was remodeled in-place.
Both of these pieces of information would negate it being a modular home (Built in a factory, shipped to the site and assembled on a ready foundation).

Exactly why I would call for an onsite review by an experienced inspector or contractor. I trust no desk-jocky’s opinion, especially an appraisers!

Also note that “Manufactured” and “Modular” are so similar in design and construction, and to the same or similar standards, that a few years ago HUD began classifying them all as “Modular”. That fact along will skew the viewpoint of “gubment” officials!