Is the mayor of Toronto the best or what?

It can’t last Roy.

Its a math thing.

You might as well believe in unicorns.

They are not real either.

Great to see Mike is again posting Mike’s opinion .
He always thinks he is right and loves to post his ideas .
He has no facts to back up many of his silly posts .
He loves to try and show his intelligence , I wonder did he at one time belong to the flat earth society .
I do think they still have a few members too.

Not mine only Roy.

Canada’s welfare state is unsustainable

So what do you post Roy? Opinion or facts?

** No facts there Mike** just another reporter posting dribble like you also do so frequently.
Mike did you think the sky was falling when chicken little was telling all it was .

Listen idiot.

I posted that my opinion was not the only one that agrees teh Welfare state is unsustainable.

Try reading for comprehension next time.

Here is some more for you. Try real hard to understand what he is saying.

Oh well at least we invented the telephone and basketball for you guys not to mention the first recorded baseball game!

Just thought I would hijack the thread from Socialism to something tangible. heheheh

Mike there allot of things we do different in Canada.:mrgreen:

Heh, if you all want Socialism, great.

But lets not pretend there isn’t a real math problem.

Nobody gets away with fuzzy math when it comes to paying the bills.

Debt is debt is debt! Canada is no better.

Debt kills eventually.

Just for those still in support of the Rob Ford.

Your still a putz that is just a fact. lololol

Larz, hasn’t it been a math thing since you started following politics (if you call only looking at things one way, following)? And by the way, talk about giving stuff away, aren’t you the least bit ripped that you gave all that money to the banks in bailout, only for them to turn around, slap fees upon you and not even say thank you to the American people. Then make it so hard to by a foreclosure, that is not worth it (am sure you have seen a few of those deals these past few years…and how stupid Bank of America has been about it) How do you feel about Mr. Jamie Dimon and friends trying weekly to get out of the billions they screwed people for. And you complain about welfare? You will be on the system when you are old. We all will. It truly is “what comes around, goes around”. Just like politics. Nobody said anything about wanting socialism. But a balance of it in our approach and thinking is not a bad thing. We also can’t have a mindset of " I am taking my ball and am going home" either. One party in this country doesn’t understand that and that is why you are fractured. That is something that even a loudmouth candidate from NJ can’t fix.

Right you are. I thank me for my health care. Who do you thank?:wink:

Please don’t confue me with a certain vendor.

He forever owns that designation.

You’re a Canadian homy who longs for the home country.

Go ahead convince yourself chickens will never come home to roost and that really is a free lunch.

You’re wrong. They will and there isn’t.

The bankers should be hung from lamp posts along with the politicians who bailed them out.

Is that clear enough for you?

Socialism is a creeping disease that only destroys in the end.

Dear readers, Jerry is from Vermont the home of the only Socialist Senator.

Do the math.