Almost made winter without

I can thank the City for this. A guy passed me on the right side while I was attempting to dodge pot holes. He then pulled up beside me and would not let me in the right lane. Here I am face to face with him trying to slow my truck down to get behind him. So he slows down too as he is using colorful language, then he speeds up in front off me and slams his breaks on just as the light was changing to yellow. Of course I had no reaction time.:roll:

That’s what shotguns are for (hhehehe)…Been there done that Kevin…


At least it was just the bumper and now the guy has to live with what he did.

So you rear ended him?

Don’t make it sound so bad Timothy. I have a standard truck V10 engine with twice the weight of the little pick up he had plus it is standard. The lack of reaction time would have caught anyone that was faced with the same situation. Trust me what he did was intentional. The only thing I have to do is change the bumper.

I think the law and Insurance companies say you are in fault for not having your vehicle under control .
I would not tell the world I rear ended some one regardless if he was an idiot or not .
I only see you side of the story and how you are paying .

If there was not road rage on his part I would have been OK Roy.

Two wrongs do not make it rite .

I like to think I would have slowed down or stopped completely to let him go on his way.
Looks to me like all wounds where self inflicted .

Roy are you always this imaginative. Read the post and clearly understand the circumstances. Since you can’t, remember this. I have driven everywhere and never hit anyone in my years of driving. A spotless perfect record is gone on account of someone that was vent with anger going over the speed limit and wanting to pass in a dangerous condition of the road. If a police man was around he would have been nailed for reckless driving and this would not have occurred.

Sorry Kevin, I’m with Roy. To everyone except you it would state you were at fault because you rear ended him. Not saying your wrong, but the bumper tells the story.

So no police involvement?

Timothy my Insurance company agrees with me and I will take the protection as for there advice that this guy might be trying to get more than just a bumper.

One of the few rare occasions that I agree with Roy.

If the other person “had” to “go over” the speed limit to pass you, then you were traveling “at” the speed limit, and in most areas, THAT would have been “hazardous driving” if conditions were as “dangerous” as you indicated they were.


You weren’t!

He was over the speed limit for the conditions to pass and had no concern for anyone not just me. There was no room for him to pass safely either let alone roll his window down and expect me to have a conversation while I was driving.

What word do you guys not understand!!!

What reality do you not understand?

Unless you were pushed from behind or the driver in front stopped without warning, if you rear end someone you are not in full control of your vehicle.

Just being out in those conditions also makes you partly at fault as far as insurance goes.

Micheal check SSM roads when you get a chance. I will provide something funny when I get back to the office.

If damages were over $1000.00 to both vehicles, then the Police have to be called. (Sec 199 (1) HTA) It’s been my experience, that the person rear-ending the other vehicle usually gets charged with “Careless Driving” or at a minimum, “Follow Too Closely.”
Just sayin’ …

Then up goes the insurance . I think Kevin got very lucky this time … Roy

Yes both are correct no up in insurance. Had he not provided me by his own statement to the police. The way the accident occurred I would have had more than just a bumper to fix.