Is there any way to retrofit weep screed

Is there anyway to retrofit weep screed at the base of stucco walls? Many homes here never had it installed (mine included) Just curious if it can be retrofitted in after the fact?

But if it has no issues and has been there a while ,why bother.

It may have been designed as a barrier system.

Go to Dales Forum your leaking house for more and better answers.

Thanks Mr. Elliot

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Dale Duffy.
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It would probably do more damage than good. imo

Do you think it would hurt to pour sidewalks next to the stucco if there is no weep screed? Should the soilbe taken down below the stucco level? I know it is suppose to be 2-4 inches below. Many homes here never had weep screed installed and then the landscaper push sand up against it. Thus causing stains and who know what else behind it.

It needs the clearance and make sure no sprinklers are hitting the wall.

Installing Walkways, hard sufaces…If installed at a proper level below plate lines/interior and were sloped away, I think a hard surface is just fine. Think of how much better the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of most homes that didn’t have weep screeds would look if there were hard surfaces poured around the exteriors…

Whether or not the soil needs to be taken down would be specific to the particular home and the adjacent grade next to it.

Just a thought.