Stucco weep screed edge covered over during stucco patch


I’ve recently had some work done to repair/patch various sections of failing stucco around the perimeter of a house, which was likely subjected to years of sprinkler water. The repair cosmetically looks good, but I noticed they covered over the drip screed edge with the stucco coating, rather than leave it for moisture to escape. Some of the stretches of wall which are covered are up to ~8’ in length. Is this likely to become an issue for me?


Need an image, Jordon.

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Seems you have answered your own question. Now all that is left is having the issue repaired.

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Here’s a close up from an angle slightly below the weep screed, looking upwards.

That’s the way to do it, Jordon!
Nothing wrong there mate. The weep screed channel can weep.
Aim the camera lens upwards, at about a ><45° or ><150° degrees angle, press the shooter button.

Imagine, working standing upright or while crotched down. Not the most comfortable angle for your body. When inspecting, always check the bottom trim for defects.
I inspect the bottom of envelopes, the trim, using a mirror mounted on a extending telescopic inspection device, Telescopic Inspection Mirror Rectangular Extending Inspection Swivel Extend Tool 360 Degree Rotating with 2 Extra Bright LED Light, with a built in luminary, along the periphery, at the bottom of the envelope. I take several images. Once I see anomalies I stop, and take a shoot as you just did.

You need to maintenance/clean the bottom of the weep screed channel clear of debris that gets blown in by lawnmowers, leaf blowers, wiper-snippers or insect webs every month or so.
Get up early enough and you will see birds combing the area for a meal of trapped insects or spiders.

Looks good to go.