Is there anything code specific to water proofing or damp proofing?

Is there anything code specific to water proofing or damp proofing a poured concrete foundation.

I see two different methods around here -

One being just the spray on rubberized asphalt with the drain strip at the base - then backfilled.

Second one is the same as above except immediately after the asphalt is sprayed, sheets of rigid fiberglass are placed on the asphalt -then backfilled. waterproofpic1.jpg

Anyone have any comments on the pros or cons of the above applications? I couldn’t find any code related to water proofing a poured concrete foundation, but I’m sure it’s out there.

Dampproofing is required by code. Waterproofing is not.

Good man Richard :wink:

here is what Timmy C says about waterproofing/damproofing/codes…

Timmy is an arrogant sob, my 2 cents BUT…he gets an A- on those 2 links
Apparently,hell fly out to anyone house and give ya his 2 cents for $4,995 but ya gotta take him out fer DIN DIN or cook him up something real good. Eh, shtt...ill drive out to some peeps homes for fk`g free, well, you pay da gas man! Wow, $4,995 is a nice chunk fer a day or 2…maybe i outta hang up my shovels, get fat and start my own website and shtt like others

My 2 cents…NEITHER of those pics is WATERPROOFING.

From EOF in Canada eh…

lol… Contrary to the code this 2000 house built in Kingston fails in that…
1,2,3,4…foundation walls arent up yet, and there are four major code violations. lolol ...gotta say, quite a few builders and their subs are more than several sandwiches short of a fkg Yogi Bear picnic, and lets not forget some of those city MILK? []( These products or methods are not intended to stop water and...they dont :mrgreen:
a) damproofing (tar only) is not waterproofing
b) drain clad (reddish or yellow FIBERGLASS boards) is not waterproofing <-----------------
c) system platon(heavy black plastic mats with bumps on one side) is not waterproofing
refers to following as frauds…got MILK? Well do ya :mrgreen:
d) water control is not waterproofing
e) a sub drain system is not waterproofing
f) bentonite injection is not waterproofing
g) a pressure relief system is not waterproofing
ummm, INSIDE SYSTEMS ain`t freakin waterproofing.

Then we have those builders/city insps who dont read/listen to drain tile manufacturers recommendation of NOT using black plastic flex perforated drain tile at/around DEPTHS greater than 4’. Most basements/footings are 5 1/2,6,7’ deep yet MANY builders/subs use this black plastic perf tile along exterior footings and city insps apparently OKAYs this shtt.

scroll down to ummm, SELECTING PERF PIPE…
“As general rule of thumb we do NOT recommend the use of flex plastic pipe at depths greater than 1.2 meters…the load (weight) of the backfill material would cause a flex plastic pipe to collapse”

Yet, as i say and know/seen, quite a g dang few have been, still are using this CHEAP AZ shtt on new/newer homes…more money in their pocket and faster to lay this light/cheap shtt down there.

This must be OKAY in all the different citys weve seen it used, city inspectors apparently are A fk me OK with it. Id like to see these morons slapped w/class action lawsuit,just on the use of this drain tile garbage, would make Bubber-man fkg happy and would prolly get a smile on the face of the great n late George Carlin! Ill take one George fer every 1,000 builders, the arrogant sobs.