Tim the builder, in this waterproofing article he 'gets' most of it

his problem imo is what most peeps problems are, he likes MONEY more than anything

in-part he writes, ‘There is a significant difference between damproofing and waterproofing… water vapor readily passes concrete, liquid can soak into concrete… efflorescence.
To PERMANENTLY stop water and water vapor from entering your foundation walls, you need to waterproof them …it is also better to waterproof from the outside’

yeah no shtt Tim.

See, the inside system scammers say all kinds of crap such as per waterproofing foundation walls, ‘It doesn’t work, it was already tried when the house was built’ etc.

Well you lying idiots, the exterior of most of these homes were ONLY damproofed or parged, that isn’t WATERPROOFING! Duuuh!!! So when one or more areas re-leak after house was built n walls only parged or damproofed, this is some of the bulllshtt they tell unknowing homeowners, for self-gain, in order to sway them into an interior scam system, then they bring up stupid drain tiles n say lies like, ‘Oh well the exterior tiles have failed (when the truth is they just have 1 or more exterior cracks in block wall etc), and so we can install pretty new drain tiles on the inside’

…and supposedly for LESS money $, NOT!

Listen to this homeowner, have many just like her… $40,000 etc from the scammers, the liars, that’s right penis-brains.

Her walls were done in June or July, have had tons of rain since, not a damn drop, $11,000… why 11 ?
Because it was a total of 130’, hello! Let’s see, $11,000 for a dry basement/crawlspace or 20,000—40,000 for the scammers, the supposed honest guys who advertise all over the place, including in your toilets

So when FSM foundation system of Manitoba or B-dork system or Everdry is Neverdry tries n bullshtts you and tells you LIES as mentioned above, flush the terds n kick their lying, cheating azz’z out the door, unless you enjoy American shtt served right up to your face then of course, go 'head pay more n eat it all up.