Older Panel Concerns

Hey guys, will you give me a little help on this panel set-up. It’s a 100 Amp Square D panel. The potential issues I see are:

[li]Double-tap on main[LIST=1][/li][li]The double-taps go to the panel on the right with a breaker for the AC. Since they go to a breaker is that okay?[/li][/ol]
[li]Double-taps on breakers[/li][li]Grounded conductor’s (neutrals) on same fasteners?[/li][li]Grounded conductor from service panel is a bare copper conductor?[ol][/li][li]Haven’t seen that one before so wanted to make sure.[/li][/ol]
[/LIST]Anything else I’m missing?

The double tap on the main is wrong because its a double tap and the wire for the AC is that is double tapped is undersized now. Also, the neutrals and grounds should not be under the same terminal and the wires entering the panel should be in a protective chase.

I am not an electrical expert, but that’s what I see. I am sure others will chime in. It looks like they need an electrcal upgrade.

**Two-wire systems are indicative of older electrical systems. **The electrical wiring systems that power the conveniences of modern life are hidden in walls and in panel boxes in basements. They are out of sight and out of mind. But that does not mean they are not overloaded and under severe stress.

**Older electrical systems may show signs of deteriorating wire covering. Some systems may appear to be in good condition, may stress over the years may cause a weakness in the wiring that is not visible or noticeable. **
Systems over 50 years old should be tested for safety by a licensed electrician.

The electrician took a short cut. While the wire is under sized for the ac from the double tap, it is protected. The double tap at that location is wrong. The electrician should have put in a sub panel wired correctly and would have been sufficient to move or add additional circuits. I agree with the other posts it should be written up.

The bare service neutral is a definite no-no. I saw a missing clamp fitting in the 3rd photo also. Lots of work for an electrician here.