Is this a 120 volt receptacle?

This was in the garage…

Yep, 20amp dedicated for freezer or fridge so it won’t be on a gfci.

Whoa there cowboy! Could also be NEMA 6-20R 250V for AC “only the Twiggy knows” :wink:

Not based on what you supplied. Look again. :shock:

It is not a 6-20R. It is a 5-20R, and as stated above, it is a 120 volt, 20 amp recep. Of course you should check to see that it is wired correctly.

and how many eggs on face does it take to make a real BONEHEAD :smiley: my bad, it’s late

Barry, a surefire way to not make that crappy mistake again is to not try. I appreciate your contributions…all of them. :smiley:

Carry on.

Thanks Stephen…