Are these an issue?

The receptacle is identified as being 125V. How would that possibly work for a stove (range)?

If that’s what’s provided for a range, then it should be pointed out as not functional for today’s modern ranges.

No, it is the reduce the 220 to 110 for going from electric to gas.

Can you post the photo, for some reason I’m unable to see it.

Here ya go:

If there’s a 40 amp breaker on the other end, it is way over fused/breakered for the 120 volt intended application.

Still don’t see it.

Sorry, Robert, they appear in both posts to me.

What do you see?..Anything?

Maybe it’s because you’re not logged in as a member.

I see nothing other than words. I can post to the thread just can’t see any photo. Ok so what’s in the photo?

Your computer is broken Robert.

I see all the photos that have been posted.

What O.S. are you using and what browser?

XP and Firefox.

Something like this:

It’s not his computer, I get the same.

Here ya go:

Robert is a non member and the photos and links are in a members only area.

Now it makes sense.

So it’s one of these:

That device is simple enough, just using one of the 120 volt legs of a 240 volt circuit. I can’t see why someone would want to use a 120 volt appliance plugged into a 240 volt circuit backed up by a 40 or 50 amp OCPD.


Can you imagine one of these made in China ? WOW