Is this a Defect?

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4288 N 81 St 5-24-11 021.JPG

4288 N 81 St 5-24-11 021.JPG

4288 N 81 St 5-24-11 022.JPG

Yes, it is out of focus… meaning you dropped the camera. I did that today too :slight_smile: Good to see ya BK

If you are speaking of the active door being on the outside track… it’s only a defect if you are the type to always know where your keys are, I am not and that set up is easier to get back in, even when it looks locked.

The client was quite surprised when I pointed this out.

I keep that Olympus Camera in my tool bag. It does not take very good pics but it is unbreakable.

I get better pics out of the Nikon… I may go back to it.

Yeah I noticed the pics were not that great when I went shopping for another camera last week.

My Sony HXV5 finally had the lens get fogged from being in a downpour when I was video tapping a roof on my Washer Pole setup.

Dryed it with a hair dryer and saw a little dust inside the which was my excuse to shop for an upgrade.

Got another Sony HXV5.

So what is wrong with that picture again?
How about telling us what you think or is this a game/test?

Tim hinted at it Bob. :smiley:

I do not see it that often myself.

Now that you told me I can not comment so ““No I am not stupid guys”” :slight_smile:

I will not mention the outside Box Brian so do not worry about me giving it away.

Hahhaahahhahaha :smiley:

that color of paint should be a defect!

If the sliding doors threshold was leaking or evidence of staining on the interior floor then it would be a deficiency.
It is a Safety hazard. Tripping or foot damage issue.
Was the header bent or deflecting?
The hight of the step or threshold is conserning but to call it out as a defect would be a ball breaker for your agent.
Maybe I would say something to the client if they had limited mobility or used a wheel chair, small children, elderly couple.
It would be mention at the post inspection meeting as a simple Deficiency to repair.
I would write it up in a way to protect my client and myself.
Suspect: Tripping hazard. Safety issue.
Recommend: Licensed contractor or carpenter
Repair: Remove the flooring to the depth of the threshold and reinstall the sliding window.
Cost if no unseen further issues arise from removing flooring. $ 250 to $500.
Flashing, vapor barrier and sealing with backer rod and 100 silicon caulk.
Willl re-inspect after installation.

I figure it would take what, 30 seconds for a burgler to remove that door? Guess HD was out of stock on the right-hand model. :wink:

No Joke Jeffery.
That is a very inexpensive slider.
I bet it lowers the value of the home. HA HA HA.
I should not laugh. I do not own a home and sometimes it all they can afford at the time.

Probably quicker than that Jeffrey. :smiley:

Not very safe at all.

My Client took it off while we were there, I should have take a pic.

I make note of it in the report, but I do not call it out as a “defect.”

I would note it as a security issue and that they should give consideration to changing or modifying the door so make it more secure.

I do and put in the summary. :smiley:

I can tell you what the ANSI standard is for buildings with public access. Obviously, private homes are not part of this, and I’m not an expert on private homes. For that, I suggest you visit the following forum:

Here is the ANSI standard for changes in level:

303.3 Beveled. Changes in level greater than 1/4 inch in height and not more than 1/2 inch maximum in height shall be beveled with a slope not steeper than 1:2

303.4 Ramped. Changes in level greaer than 1/2 inch in height shall be ramped and shall comply with Section 405 or 406. (Those are sections dealing with ramps.)

The concern is that if you want to “age in place,” you will not be able to enter your home without a ramp. You would be amazed at how a very small threshold height makes it very difficult to get through a door. My parents lived with us until their deaths at 94, and we learned the hard way!

The only reason for such a high threshold would be flooding during heavy rainstorms. Otherwise, my own impression is that this is very unsafe for others, even if they are not in a wheelchair. As someone age 72, and fast experiencing the various slight “disabilities” in vision, balance, etc., stairs of all kinds, curbs, changes in level are becoming more difficult.

Its a 2 parter. Sorry for the long post.